If it ain’t broke…

I have lost count how many times I have heard that saying in the past two weeks.  Mainly because of the whole Time-line who-ha going on with the Facebook Profiles and now it seems the Facebook Business pages which apparently WILL be put to all profiles by the 30th March now whether the page or profile owner want it or not.      As usual I am not surprised, it’s not the first time Facebook has changed the set up of things and I am pretty dang sure it won’t be the last.  I don’t see a point complaining about it though as A) the Facebook P.T.B don’t listen anyway so complaints and B) if you don’t like it THAT much, delete Facebook and find some other social network like MySpace or something…if you run an online business use somewhere else like e-bay or etsy.com or madeit.com

But it got me thinking what other things the saying “If it ain’t broke….don’t fix it” can apply to other than the joys of Facebook profile and page layouts.    Right now what really comes into mind is the people over in Hollywood and all the movie makers out there who have lost the ability to think up their own new movie scripts and just HAVE to remake the classic older movies like “Clash of the Titans”, “Dirty Dancing” and “Conan the Barbarian” just to name a few, or take an original movie that was filmed in another country and remake that – case in point “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” or “The Eye” or “Dark Water”.    I really don’t get it.   I have seen all these said remakes and are throughly disgusted by them.   Okay granted the originals have a dated and sometimes a “Campiness” to them but that in my opinion gives them a class.    These remakes are missing something I have noticed…all through them I was sitting there feeling like a bread and butter pudding that was missing the butter!

So back to my question….why fix it?   Is it because we are in the age of “Improvers”?  Where they see something as working well…but if they tweak something over here, or move something over there…or completely remove another thing it will be/run just that much better?  And then the next person comes a long a few years later and tweaks the tweaking….. this is beginning to lead onto the saying “too many chefs ruin the broth” doesn’t it.

So I leave it with you.  What do you think about all this?  I’d like to hear your thoughts.

On other wavelengths….

Cold Binx

It’s bloody cold today!!  A complete turn around in 7 days!!  It was only a few days ago I believe I was complaining about how hot and dry things were and how I was praying for it to rain because of how parched things were at the moment.    So parched the ground was beginning to crack once again like it was in early 2009 after 15 yrs of drought here in Victoria.   You should see the cracks in my neighbours back yard….if your not looking they’ll swallow an elf…or a small child whole!!

I am pretty sure I wasn’t the only one out there praying the 38 degree heat would go away within Victoria as well as NSW, ACT and SA.   Because since around late Tuesday NSW, ACT and some parts of Vic are under flooding and flash flood warnings again.    My thoughts and prayers of safety are being sent to all those in those areas at the moment and I beg EVERYONE to not walk, ride or drive through flood waters, to PLEASE listen to the Amazing Orange Angels known as The State Emergency Service Volunteers. And if you need help and/or assistance call the number: 132 500.


And now we in the Wimmera region of Victoria are getting the rain!!  It’s been raining mist like rain since 11:30pm last night but when I woke up this morning it has gotten slightly heavier and constant. 


It’s 9:03pm now and it hasn’t let up once at all today, still a slow steady rainfall with the occasional heavier burst.   Now a few people here are watching the river again closely as memories of last years Horsham floods are still fresh in the memories of everyone so again everyone is afraid the water will rise again.    I’m not worried at the moment, we’re not under even a flood watch at the moment and with the Hubby being a member of the SES the moment Horsham does come under Flood Watch I’ll know as he’ll get a message across his pager.    Here’s hoping we all stay safe!

That’s it from me for now, I look forward to hearing/reading your thoughts about my question I asked earlier.  Until then please stay safe and have a good weekend.


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One Response to If it ain’t broke…

  1. Hi there!
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog and welcoming me, I’m very new at this but I’m learning.
    I am with you 100% on movie “remakes”. It was a disappointment the Foot Loose movie remake!
    and, I do not want to even start on what I think about Facebook!
    There are many people out there with talent, but unfortunately they don’t get a chance 😦
    However, I think that is up to us not let ourselves hypnotize by the “fourth power” (media).
    It is difficult to try to keep sanity between TV-shows, commercials, internet, and many other things; but I believe we are many with the same feeling about all the external control.
    I read some place that “Distraction disconnects us from ourselves: from our fears, but also from our dreams!” so, I guess we have to keep an eye on all the “controllers” and be more ourselves.

    Hope to hear from you more.

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