I am feeling rather proud of myself at the moment something I have been SLOWLY working on since the 6th of October 2011 has finally been finished.  Remember that pattern I showed you in an earlier entry called the Crochet Patchwork Throw, I remember finding that pattern back in April 2011 and decided to save it to my computer and look at starting to gather the yarns needed to create it. 
It took me from the 6th Oct 2011 to the 15th Feb 2012 to save up the money and order all the yarn, and for a while there I did begin to think I was never going to get it all, perhaps this was a bad idea, blah, blah, blah.   You know that feeling you get sometimes, when you feel that just maybe you have bitten off more than you can chew?  Yeah I had that. 

The finally as mentioned in this entry Here  I have finally got all the yarn saved and it was time to get to piecing together. Needless to say how excited I was.   So finally on the 19th Feb I tentatively picked up the hook and the first ball of yarn and got to work.   Which you would have seen grow slowly over the past 17 or so days and in various blog updates.

This morning after several distractions in the form a one small furry-purry cat (who decided that he MUST have a cuddle from me that very moment and not finish what I was doing) I finished it…I finally finished my Crochet Patchwork Throw…would you like to see it?   Lol who am I kidding, of course you would….



I just can’t get over how well the colours all worked in together and the contrasting green of the Callista used to edge the motifs and then edge and finish the entire throw worked much better then I imagined. 


(Thanks to my Friend and Neighbour Tan Katy here for getting eyes full of sunlight and holding it out for me to get a big shot of it).    Doesn’t it look so pretty….even if there is a lot of pink in there.    Yes I am not the biggest fan of the colour pink, you ask Tan she’ll fill you in on how much I try to avoid the colour as much as possible.   But for some reason with the purples, greys and the rare brownish colour that came from the Semi Precious dye lot it just seems to have worked.

Hmm now to find the “best” place in my house to put it….I’ve already got two rugs covering the back of the couches I have, I’ve got a rug in my car, one on the spare bed and the one for my bed is still currently in the process of being made ,(to see that one follow this magic linkie to see what Tan has dubbed Dez’s psychedelic Rug), Mum already has 2 rugs I’ve made – she has my 1st ever crocheted rug I made last year around March-April when I had the broken foot and a big green one I made for her around August 2011 to cover her armchair and match in with her carpets, curtains and what not in her loungeroom.    I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to put it…it may even become a gift for someone yet if I can bring myself to part with it.       I’m terrible sometimes, I’ll make something with the ‘idea’ of it being a gift for someone only to end up wishing to keep it for myself!!  I’m pretty sure most crafters have the same feeling though so I’m positive I am not alone out there. 😀

So now I’m at a loose end for now until friday when I hit my local supplier.  I need to stock up on some machine wash 8ply yarn in a mix of blues for a mixed sized square pattern I have decied to make for a new customer.   She commissioned a Baby Blanket for me in Blues to be made before May and was happy to leave the design and what not up to me, just as long as it didn’t look “grandma-ish”.    So I think I’ve come up with a funky pattern to suit a new young Mum and her soon to be born Baby boy.    Will let you know the progress of that as it goes along.

Actually I am not at a loose end.  I am currently using the left over bit of Taradale yarn to try my hand at my 1st ever crocheted bear from the Pattern book I got the other day called Twenty to Make: Crochet Bears.


So this should prove to be interesting as I have never tried to make a toy before, and I’m using the 2.5mm hook so it’s tiny compared to the 4mm hooks I am using so already this is a learning curve for me.   I’ve made a start on the head of the bear so all I can ask is wish me luck.

Hugs to you all.
Dez and Binx

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2 Responses to Revealing!!

  1. Hi Dez,
    I think you did a wonderful job on the throw, I like the color palette and the pattern. It looks very straight. Did you blocked it? I’ve heard that it is good to block things after you knit or crochet them but, I’ve never tried because my projects are not as big; I usually get bored when I spend too much time on the same project. 😦
    The amigurimi bear you are making seems a very good idea to get rid of your left over- yarn; I didn’t get to see the star, but I’m pretty sure you’ll post pics later.
    I wanted to recommend the book “Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs”, you’ll find so many ideas for your next project.
    Check on your inbox after this message.

    • Thanks for your comment Adriana! No I didn’t block it actually, I’ve never blocked anything before, I really should look into it, what you need to do it and how to do it. I have heard many people mention blocking items before, especially squares.

      Thanks for the Recommendation will get onto my fave book ordering site and look into it. Thanks. Am off to check my inbox now.

      Thanks for stopping by again.

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