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I am feeling rather proud of myself at the moment something I have been SLOWLY working on since the 6th of October 2011 has finally been finished.  Remember that pattern I showed you in an earlier entry called the Crochet Patchwork … Continue reading

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Last Day of Summer

Wasn’t last nights sunset absolutely beautiful….  It was as if it knew today was the last day of Summer so decided to go down in a blaze of amazing colourful glory.  Glad I decided to dash out to the front … Continue reading

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Motif Madness

Nothing to do with the title I know but I just had to share my teapot happiness with you all.  I’ve been wanting a teapot for the longest time so during one of my many wanderings on e-bay a few … Continue reading

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Heart Farting and Chocolate Overload.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!  Hope yours is been a bit more eventful than mine has been so far but admittedly it is 3:36pm and the other half has been at work since 8am so naturally anything V-Day related is not … Continue reading

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