It’s All About Me

This blog is filled with things I like, what I’m doing, what I would like to do and generally things about my life in General.   No set days for posting, I’ll just post when the inspiration takes me though I do hope it will be at least a  little regular and not go weeks without at least popping my head in to say G’Day and to let you know I’m alive.

Born and raised in tropics of Darwin, Northern Territory Australia, I moved down south here to Victoria mid 1998.   Still not quiet used to the whole 4 seasons and the COLD of Autumn/winter but have come to enjoy watching the seasons turn now and I think I would miss it if I ever did move back North to the tropics.


Loki & Dez – Photo taken Dec 2011

I’ve been Handfasted to the most wonderful guy in the world named Loki since June 1999, he’s my rock, my best friend and one of my biggest supporters and fans and I wouldn’t change him for anything in the world.

No children but we do lavish our love and attention on our two “Fur-Kids”….


Binx doing what he does best – Sleep. Feb 2012

Fur Kid Number 1 – Binx a Fluffy grey Tabby cat. Got him as an 8 week old kitten from a local farm in 2005 and ever since then he has been a real “Mummy’s Boy” sticking to me like glue and being my Creative Director, Parcel Inspector and General fuzzy Cuteness.


Beloved “old man” Junior – Early March 2012

Fur Kid Number 2 – Junior. Loki rasied him by hand since his birth in 1998 when his mother couldn’t and such Junior is a real “Dad’s Boy” though knows “mum” is a soft touch and has treats hidden for him all the time. Junior is a Blue Heeler Cross and is also known as ‘The Old Man’ after celebrating his 14th Birthday this Jan (2012).
Sadly Junior crossed over the Rainbow bridge on the 14th August 2014.  He is muchly missed.

Beloved little bear and Mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams

Beloved little bear and Mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams

And finally introducing Ozzie Vic Quirkybear.  Joined our family on the 21st March 2012 as a mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams.  Since his creation he has been to Europe twice, America, Singapore, Fiji, Bali and various places around Australia.  He is a very cheeky and adventurous little bear and you can follow his antics on Facebook ( ), on twitter (@ozziequirkybear) or on instagram which can be found on our home page on the right.   He also now has his very own travel blog right here on wordpress, you can find it here: and he looks forward to having you read it in the future.

That’s pretty much it in a nut shell really.  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read the maddness that is my world, please come back any time and feel free to leave a comment or two.

See you on the flip-side!


2 Responses to It’s All About Me

  1. Congratulations Loki & Dez seem very happy couple!
    Who could be a cat and be able to stay in bed like Binx.

  2. marissafh says:

    Hello. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find all the details on my post ( You can pass it on to others, if you feel so; if not, then enjoy the award as a deserving blogger!

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