Last Day of Summer

Sunset 1

Wasn’t last nights sunset absolutely beautiful…. 

Sunset 2

It was as if it knew today was the last day of Summer so decided to go down in a blaze of amazing colourful glory.  Glad I decided to dash out to the front step with my phone to catch those colours forever on the camera.   Naturally of course I am sitting here looking at all those colours in the sky and wondering once again if I can find yarn in those colours so I can make something out of it.   Hmm would be lovely, ah well the photo is still on my phone so next time I’m at my local yarn store I can whip it out and start trying to match it.

Today isn’t exactly glorious though, it’s lovely and cool but overcast and a bit drizzly… know the 29th of Feb only comes around every 4 years, so my best bet is Gaia didn’t get the memo about our calendar and started off Autumn anyway.  Makes perfect sence to me anyway….. all I know now is I am definitely going to be on Autumn leaves watch…I love seeing the random few trees around here turn their colours before dropping the leaves for the winter. Good thing my mobile has an excellent camera on it and that I take it everywhere so I’ll be able to snap a photo or two as the season progresses.

Speaking of progress I have 3 photos to show you regarding the Crochet Patchwork Throw I’ve been working on with the Taradale yarn from Emotive Yarns.  I’m on the home stretch now…..


Top Photo is the few motifs I have made so far with the remaining colour called Semi Precious.
Bottom Left photo is a few of the motifs made using the Roses colour and Bottom Right photo is a few of the squares using the Shimmer colour.    I’m pretty please with how well this is working up, how quickly anyway, once I finish making the 12 motifs in Semi Precious all I have left to do is edge all the (64) motifs in the Callista and then piece all the edged motifs together and finally edge the entire throw also in the Callista.   So stay tuned for another progress photo before the final reveal!  Oooh I’m excited. 😀

As if I wasn’t busy enough with making motifs, Ravelry Monthly 8″ Square Swaps, Rainbow Swaps and Birthday Swaps I have gone and signed myself up for a Ravelry Crochet-A-Long (CAL) a few days ago.   I was originally looking at it back in January 2012 and said I’d have to give it a miss as I couldn’t afford the book they’d be using at the time and with copyright laws they couldn’t share the pattern on the groups forum, fair enough.  So I wandered off and forgot all about it until last week when I got a lovely message from another member who lived over in Connecticut, USA.  Apparently she had a spare copy of the book the CAL group was using and wanted to post it to me so I could in fact join in.   I was so surprised at this lovely woman’s kindness…I didn’t know what to say to her Random Act of Kindness. 

So in her honor I am going to make 2 of each square each month and make a 2nd rug out of all the squares and donate it to someone in an Aged Care facility whose family basically “forgot” about them…. (being a Nurse in a mostly aged care hospital it saddens me how common this is)… and brighten their day a bit more.

Anyway if you’re a member of and are looking for a good CAL to join and can get your hands on the book here are the links you’ll be wanting to check out.
The book we’re using for the Square is (sorry for the full address for some reason I can’t get the link thing to work)
And the group can be found here so feel free to pop on over and check it out. 😀

Well I think I’ve chilled out in the coolness of the afternoon for long enough so I had better head off and at least get the dishes done. 
Before I go I do hope that all my friends in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory are keeping safe at the moment during these wet times, and I hope the places under flood warnings stay safe and dry as possible and remember the golden rule, DON’T PLAY OR DRIVE THROUGH FLOOD WATERS!! And if you do need Help call the SES (State Emergency Service).   
Sending all my thoughts and prayers to you all!


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One Response to Last Day of Summer

  1. Heehee! I’m being sneaky and using this account to comment, because I’m too lazy to make my own account, hey, it works… 😉
    Those pictures are positively gorgeous!! O.O Love love love!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I can't wait to see your autumn colours. Same thing up here, but going from fall… into spring… Lol! We're getting flowering trees up here! PRETTY!
    And I'm so loving those colours of the motifs! That wool is so pretty! And I can't wait to see how it all looks once you get them all done and attached together! 😀 I'll be GORGEOUS!! ❤
    Awe, that was really sweet of her! ❤ And That's sweet of you! ❤ ^_^ Makes me want to do something like that, help out someone, just not sure how I'd go about it.
    Anyways, keeping the people with the flood warnings and all that in my thoughts!

    I'm off to try to get some sleep, as I have that exam tomorrow… blah. 😛

    Much love to you all! xoxo

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