31DPC Day 12

Day 12: Up Close


Center of one of the hexi flowers I’m currently working on.

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31DPC Day 11

Day 11: Something Fun


Making a sim to look something like “Ruby Gloom”…okay well when I first created her she was a child but she’s grown up in the game now.

Hee I’m such a simaddict.

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31DPC Days 9 & 10

Day 9: Faceless Portrait


Heh, couldn’t resist.

Day 10: Something I Made


As if this blog wasn’t full of things I’ve made or am making already. But this is pretty much my latest finished object…the laptop cozi I made myself before I left home last Saturday to come house/kitty sitting.

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31DPC Day 8 + cute photos

Day 8: Technology


My laptop is a good one for this. The holder of many a crochet pattern be it my own invention or someone else’s that I’m dying to try, and holder of my other fave past time The Sims 3 (TS3) which is currently on screen at the time of the photo.Β Β  Makes me wonder how I managed several years ago when all I had was a slow labouring desktop computer?? Ah well technology is everywhere these days isn’t it. πŸ™‚

Other stuff non-31DPC related..

Seeing as I am currently away from home at the moment I’d like to introduce you all to my substitute creative manager…



Salem. He’s a 12yr old burmeese cross. He came to live with Us (mum, dad and me) back in July 2000 as a 7 week old kitten. He used to be my cat but when I moved out in Aug 2004 he couldn’t come with me for several reasons and he adopted Mum. So Salem, Mums gorgeous old man is my stand in creative manager until I go home to Loki and Binx.

While I’ve been under Salems steady watch (when he is not snoring on the back of the couch)…


I have been rather busy with my latest addiction…the hexi flower as I have dubbed them. When I’m not doing things that have to get done or TS3ing I’m hooking hexi flowers.Β  Still no idea what to make with them all yet but Damn they’re starting too look good all laid out:


See I can’t help but keep looking at them all. They’re so much fun.

Well the sun is setting here on my Sunday night so its movies, hooking, hot chocolate and snoring from Salem here tonight. How was your weekend?? Hope it was a good one.


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31DPC Day 7

Day 7: Something New


My new canvas bag! My good friend Rach tracked it down for me in her Spotlight store in South Australia after I had no luck finding it in my local spotlight store, was told it wasn’t going to be brought into the store and ordering it online turned out to be a nightmare experience.

Not even mine for 24hrs and its already stuffed full of yarn. πŸ™‚ love this bag!!

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31DPC Day 6

Day 6: Childhood Memory


Would definitely have to be Frangipanni flowers in this colour from the trees we had in the yard of the house I grew up in and of course the unforgettably beautiful smell of frangipanni flowers on a humid wet season night as the thunder rolled with lightning flashes in the sky back in Darwin, Northern Territory. I was born and spentΒ  the 1st eighteen years of my life there, so eighteen wet seasons (about 6 months of the year) of that glorious scent is ingrained in my mind.

Would give anything…well almost anything to go back again. But surrounding myself with frangipanni candles, body creams, soaps etc is enough to keep this little Northern Territorian happy in the southern Australian state of Victoria shivering her bum off in winter….just like tonight.

Minus 2oC out there tonight, I’m here in the guest bed (my former bed before moving out into my own place in Aug 2004) at Mums place under two doonas, thick winter sheet, in a winter night shirt and a pair of crochet bed socks I made for myself earlier in the season…and I’m still wishing for another blanket. Ah well I’ll warm up soon…

So yeah frangipanni…is my childhood Memory for today’s requirement. Going to go try this sleep thing now as I’m off to Horsham for a few hours tomorrow…get a chance to cuddle the smeg outta Binx and Loki again till its back here again.

Night night all, sweet dreams if you’re heading to bed and my the goddess keep you and yours safe in all you do.

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31DPC day 5

Day 5: Someone I Love


Celebrated 13yrs together on the 16th June thus year. πŸ™‚

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31DPC Days 2,3 & 4

Sorry for the delay, I’m currently staying in a lower signal area till the 14th so thanks to that I got next to no net connection on the phone to do my updates for the challenge thanks to the clouds hanging around.

But it seems to be working for me now so while it is I had better start sharing. πŸ™‚

Day 2: What I Wore


Not taken on the day but i was wearing everything you see here. It was a bit cold so I had a black top on with my fave scruffy but warm long sleeve teal knit jacket with my black light jacket over the top of that and my shawl on that.Β Β  Winter…love it as it gives me a chance to wear yarny creations but i just don’t think I’ll ever get used to it.

Day 3: Clouds


Sunset last evening painting the clouds out the front of the place I’m staying in. Adore the colours in this photo.

Day 4: My Favourite Colour


Rainbow!! Can that be a colour. I don’t really have a fave I don’t think, though I do wear a lot of red, black and purple. Nah I’ll stick with Rainbow being my Favourite Colour.

Well that has to be it for now don’t want to push my luck with the signal connection.

See you all tomorrow…hopefully.
Stay safe and have fun!!

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New Photo Challenge Month (31DPC)

Well seeing as I didn’t learn my lesson from last time, I’m doing another photo-a-day challenge for July. Okay I admit it, I didn’t learn my lesson because the last one I did in April was quiet fun.

So this months challenge requirements is as follows:
1. Self Portrait
2. What I Wore
3. Clouds
4. Favourite Colour
5. Someone I Love
6. Childhood Memory
7. Something New
8. Technology
9. Faceless Portrait
10. Something I made
11. Something Fun
12. Close-up
13. From a Distance
14. Flowers
15. My shoes
16. What I Ate
17. On the Shelf
18. In my Bag
19. Where I Slept
20. What I Read
21. Pretty Pattern
22. Trees
23. Sunset
24. A Smile
25. Sunflare
26. Something Old
27. After Dark
28. Daily Routine
29. Purchased
30. In Motion
31. Beloved Pet.

So it looks like a lot of fun again and some days are totally going to make me think hard about how I’m going to fill it but I’ll figgure it out.

So without further ado here’s day 1’s photo: Self Portrait.


Hope your weekend is as peacefull as mine has been. πŸ™‚

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Photo purge.

Just going to share a few photos that I am using for inspiration in the next project I want to do.
The inspiration is….the Frangipanni (aka Plumeria) Flower.






This is one of the things I very much miss since no longer living in the tropics.Β  The house I grew up in had a nice yard I used to spend hours running around playing in….and in that yard we had 7 Frangipanni trees. 4 at the back ( two massive trees with flowers of white and yellow, one with deep red flowers and one with flowers like the first photo) and 3 trees at the front (another big tree with the white and yellow flowers and two smaller trees with pink flowers).

The perfume from those flowers smelt amazing and I remember hot nights during the build up where the wind carried the smell of the sea and frangipanni on it through my bedroom window. I miss that. Being here in Vic its far too cold to grow frangipanni so i try to make up for it with frangipanni scented candles, body creams, soaps, doona covers, stickers etc. Drives Loki a bit crazy at times I think but he tollerates it.Β  He’s so understanding sometimes.

So yeah the frangipanni is my current inspiration so stay tunned to see what comes of it. πŸ™‚

Nighty night.

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