Victor SESbear and the TTs

This report is by Benaud, Hicks and Chloe Babsiblingsau for Theodoro Tedaloo.


Photo L to R: Hicks, Chloe, Victor SESbear and Benaud SES Member pictured in Photo is L. Anderson, Member of VicSES for 13yrs and counting.

The story is of our Older brother Victor SESbear (pictured here with the three of us) he works with our Dad (Pictured in the photo below) with the Victorian Branch of the State Emergancy Service (SES) recruiting homeless bears, training them and turning them into Trauma Teddies (or TTs as we like to call them) and then when they are needed giving them to children in need.

Our Dad has been a member of the SES for nearly 13yrs and is involved with helping people out during times of stress in Strong winds, Storms, Floods, Search and Rescue, Boat rescue and vehicle crashes. Victor has been a full active bear member of our local VicSES HQ for 5 yrs now and during his time has been helping Dad give Children in distress a TT who has been trained to love and comfort said child.

The most recent case was last night. There was a massive wind storm in the area which hit around 3am in the morning. A large branch smashed through a building causing extensive damage, one of the rooms damaged was that of a 4yr old child who was undestandably trumatised and very by the storm and what cam crashing through the walls. Dad with the guidance of Victor (who was in the truck) took the paw of a willing TT and gave that recruit to the child in need to help comort them.

For more information about the State Emergancy Service please follow this link:

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