Pot full of Happy

Ever had one of those moments where you find yourself wondering “what was I scared of?”  I’m having one of those moments right now to be honest and it seems silly really.  Considering the thing I was scared of was soup.    Yep, soup.    I used to sit at the kitchen bench for hours looking through my books of recipes from Mum and Nan trying to decide what to make for dinner that night that would warm both me and the hubby on a cold autumn or winters night….kinda like tonight actually…. but when ever I would come across a recipe for soup I’d shudder and quickly pass it over thinking that it was far too complicated or technical for me to even attempt it and opting for the good old hearty casserole or stew.

So now I get to my moment of “what ever was I afraid off” feeling.    I CAN make soup!! And even if I do say so myself, it turns out tasting better than the tinned stuff ever did! I bit the proverbial bullet last Saturday when I came to that days main meal plan.   Over the last say three weeks I think it has been, the hubby and I have been following the “Feed your family for under $15” thing found in the Australian Woman’s Day magazine.  It started when Mum gave me her mag after night duty (she does the crosswords) and the meals they listed in that magazine looked tasty and fun so the Hubby and I decided to follow it…and yeah we’ve been doing that ever since.  Anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent here haven’t I, where was I?  Oh yes, biting the bullet last Saturday.
The dinner planned for Saturday was Sweet Potato soup with toasted ham and cheese sandwiches.    Needless to say the thought filled me with total dread but no matter how much I tried to talk my way out of it, the Hubby wouldn’t let me worm my way into another recipe.  *sigh*

So with a deep breath I prepped, cooked and boiled like a pro, and then it came to mixing it to a fine puree with a hand blender…..um….I don’t have one, call in the bullet blender!   Yep made a bit of a mess there….wont go into it too much but the kettle got a nice orange coating that needed wiping off once everything was blended and smooth. (Insert sheepish grin here).
Soup made, served in bowls with the accompanying toasted ham and swiss cheese sandwhiches…..and well….WOW!    It tasted amazing and I found myself once again wondering why had I never done this earlier.

Fast forward to Tuesday the 7th.   I’m staying at Mum’s place for the night cat sitting Salem (old mate as he’ll be turning 13 this September and stand in creative director) and there’s not much in the fridge, yet I discover she has some sweet potato and pumpkin in the crisper….cupboard raid later I had everything I needed for another go at this soup only this time I was doing it all from memory as I didn’t have the recipe with me and the Hubby was at his weekly SES meeting so he couldn’t read it to me.     It was another success!  
And now we come to tonight….I attempted a Leek and Potato soup for dinner tonight and there was no blender disaster this time thank goodness and again it was yum!!  The Hubby’s is waiting for him when he gets home from training tonight so I’m sitting here worshiping my heater, with Binx purring away in my lap basking in my soup success glory!

So yeah, every had a moment where you find yourself wondering, “what the heck was I afraid of?”     I know I am and it feels great!

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One Response to Pot full of Happy

  1. Oh, that’s great! Being able to realize that you can do it and there is nothing to be afraid of! That is a marvelous feeling – plus both those soups sound great!! Yummo! ❤

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