Busy, busy, busy….oh awards!!

Wow!   I can’t believe how fast this month has flown by!  I mean it’s almost a month since my last post here, I guess that’s just what happens when you get really busy getting ready for up coming events mixed in with life in general!   Ahh well as I said, it’s better to be busy than really, really bored!

So lets see quick fill on what’s been happening.  Well the annual Horsham Show was on again on the 2nd and 3rd of October and the Horsham Spinners and Weavers group put out a little display of things we’ve made, had members working on some of their crafts and had a small workshop on felting for people (mainly aimed at the kids) to have a go at making up a felted badge.

I was there both days working on my crochet and weaving as well as meeting and talking to many people from the community who stopped in to have a look.   I did get a chance to wander around though which was good as my little “mascot” Ozzie was with me so I had some time to get a few pictures of his antics for his Facebook page.   If you want to take a peek and meet the little mascot for Phoenixphyre Dreams, head on over and say hello to Ozzie Vic Quirkybear he’s a very friendly little bear!

Our display of finished items also seemed to be very popular with the public:

display 1
display 2

We even got several people interested in comming along to the up coming Sharing Day we have in Norval Halls gap tomorrow so it’ll be good to see them have a go at many of the workshops there and perhaps even become full members of Horsham Spinners and Weavers if we’re lucky. 😀

I do also have a bit of a bragging moment to share with you all as well. Out of the 5 items I took a chance on entering into the Show this year I came away with two 1st places and two 2nd places which I am pretty happy about….so here is the “Dez goes bragging photo” for you all too “oooh” and “ahh” over. 😀


Yay me!! That’s pretty much the show covered.  You can see more photos that were taken at the show over at the Horsham Spinners and Weavers Facebook Page if you’d like to take a look.

Next thing that has kept me busy is getting ready for the Relay for Life: Paint the Town Purple display.   Val, Pat, Loki and I together with two members from the Horsham Regional Library set up the Horsham Spinners and Weavers display on Sunday the 14th Oct inside the Library.   It was great to see all our hard work and creativity finally out on display for everyone to see.


The display was set up for show from the 15th to the 20th October.  Although ours will be up for alittle longer as we won’t be able to pop back into the library to take it down until the 23rd onwards.   I don’t mind though, I think it looks good all up there so the longer it can stay on display the more people can see it! 😀

Other than that the much awaited for Norval Sharing Day is finally on tomorrow!!  I can’t wait.  After months and months of organisation, creating and general insanity it’s finally come together.  We’ve got over 90 people signed up to come along to the workshops with all the amazing tutors who agreed to show their tallents.   As well as several fibre craft traders who are coming along to sell some or their creations, and/or fibre craft supplies.  I’m looking forward to that as there is some gorgeous rainbow roving I’m dying to get my hands on! 😀

So that’s pretty much everything in a nut shell.   I am hoping it won’t take me another month to get back to you all as I am pretty sure I’ll be bubbling over to tell you all about the excitement and fun at the Sharing Day.   But until then have fun, keep creating and most of all keep smiling as the world is an amazing place with people like you in it!


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