31DPC Day 8 + cute photos

Day 8: Technology


My laptop is a good one for this. The holder of many a crochet pattern be it my own invention or someone else’s that I’m dying to try, and holder of my other fave past time The Sims 3 (TS3) which is currently on screen at the time of the photo.   Makes me wonder how I managed several years ago when all I had was a slow labouring desktop computer?? Ah well technology is everywhere these days isn’t it. 🙂

Other stuff non-31DPC related..

Seeing as I am currently away from home at the moment I’d like to introduce you all to my substitute creative manager…



Salem. He’s a 12yr old burmeese cross. He came to live with Us (mum, dad and me) back in July 2000 as a 7 week old kitten. He used to be my cat but when I moved out in Aug 2004 he couldn’t come with me for several reasons and he adopted Mum. So Salem, Mums gorgeous old man is my stand in creative manager until I go home to Loki and Binx.

While I’ve been under Salems steady watch (when he is not snoring on the back of the couch)…


I have been rather busy with my latest addiction…the hexi flower as I have dubbed them. When I’m not doing things that have to get done or TS3ing I’m hooking hexi flowers.  Still no idea what to make with them all yet but Damn they’re starting too look good all laid out:


See I can’t help but keep looking at them all. They’re so much fun.

Well the sun is setting here on my Sunday night so its movies, hooking, hot chocolate and snoring from Salem here tonight. How was your weekend?? Hope it was a good one.


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One Response to 31DPC Day 8 + cute photos

  1. Pretty kitty and still loving all those pretty colours!! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! ❤ And my weekend is going great! Excited as this time next weekend Laura and I will be in Reno!!! 😀 Probably all hyped up after our show. *lol* 😀

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