31DPC Day 6

Day 6: Childhood Memory


Would definitely have to be Frangipanni flowers in this colour from the trees we had in the yard of the house I grew up in and of course the unforgettably beautiful smell of frangipanni flowers on a humid wet season night as the thunder rolled with lightning flashes in the sky back in Darwin, Northern Territory. I was born and spent  the 1st eighteen years of my life there, so eighteen wet seasons (about 6 months of the year) of that glorious scent is ingrained in my mind.

Would give anything…well almost anything to go back again. But surrounding myself with frangipanni candles, body creams, soaps etc is enough to keep this little Northern Territorian happy in the southern Australian state of Victoria shivering her bum off in winter….just like tonight.

Minus 2oC out there tonight, I’m here in the guest bed (my former bed before moving out into my own place in Aug 2004) at Mums place under two doonas, thick winter sheet, in a winter night shirt and a pair of crochet bed socks I made for myself earlier in the season…and I’m still wishing for another blanket. Ah well I’ll warm up soon…

So yeah frangipanni…is my childhood Memory for today’s requirement. Going to go try this sleep thing now as I’m off to Horsham for a few hours tomorrow…get a chance to cuddle the smeg outta Binx and Loki again till its back here again.

Night night all, sweet dreams if you’re heading to bed and my the goddess keep you and yours safe in all you do.

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