New Photo Challenge Month (31DPC)

Well seeing as I didn’t learn my lesson from last time, I’m doing another photo-a-day challenge for July. Okay I admit it, I didn’t learn my lesson because the last one I did in April was quiet fun.

So this months challenge requirements is as follows:
1. Self Portrait
2. What I Wore
3. Clouds
4. Favourite Colour
5. Someone I Love
6. Childhood Memory
7. Something New
8. Technology
9. Faceless Portrait
10. Something I made
11. Something Fun
12. Close-up
13. From a Distance
14. Flowers
15. My shoes
16. What I Ate
17. On the Shelf
18. In my Bag
19. Where I Slept
20. What I Read
21. Pretty Pattern
22. Trees
23. Sunset
24. A Smile
25. Sunflare
26. Something Old
27. After Dark
28. Daily Routine
29. Purchased
30. In Motion
31. Beloved Pet.

So it looks like a lot of fun again and some days are totally going to make me think hard about how I’m going to fill it but I’ll figgure it out.

So without further ado here’s day 1’s photo: Self Portrait.


Hope your weekend is as peacefull as mine has been. šŸ™‚

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