A quick photo share via the mobile.

After literally months of picking it up and working on it…putting it down again as other things needed making and posting, and gathering more odd bits of yarn here and there….

The project I started on a whim on the evening of August 11th 2011 finally was finished at around 2:30am on a rather cool 20th May 2012……

The Scrappy!!


This photo was taken at the Makers Studio during a Spinners and Weavers “play day”.


Love that slightly freaky action shot there!! I can’t believe how cool this massive project turned out to look. But what is really seeming strange to me at the moment is that it IS finished! No longer will a massive folded blanket of many colours be sitting on one of my yarn crates next to my chair waiting for more to be added to it. No more is there a cloth shopping bag full of balls of many many lengths of scrap yarn getting in the way of everything else.

One thing I am VERY glad about it being completed though….is it is a positively FREEZING night here tonight (might actually have a frost in the morning) and…



It just looks so frigging fantastic on my bed and it so dang warm!!! Getting out from under there in the morning ain’t going to be easy.

Speaking of which its 1:30am in the morning and I have to be up early so its Nighty night from me and I’ll leave you with this last pic…


The madness begins again!!

Sweet dreams!

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One Response to A quick photo share via the mobile.

  1. Love this! Love all the colors in Scrappy and good luck on your next project! 😀

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