Missed me yet???

Sorry for seeming like I have dropped off the face of the earth lately. 

The laptop that was connected to the internet somewhat imploded on me in the first few days of May so have been left with limited net access via the mobile phone.

Writing decent posts on a mobile…yeah not easy hence the “silence in the yarn”…. but i am hoping next fortnight the imploded laptop will be fixed and back in my hands so I promise when that is the case I’ll make up for it and fill you in on what’s been happening here.

Until then hugs to all who want them and a big HAPPY MOTHERS DAY for Sunday for all those wonderful Mums out there.



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2 Responses to Missed me yet???

  1. Dear Dez,
    I’m glad to hear from you. Missing you and wishing you a great day with your mom to you too.

  2. Hey there! Totally meant to comment like ages ago and just am now getting around to it. Glad to hear that you’re ok, and booooo to the imploded laptop. Hope the fix wasn’t too costly and looking forward to your update post whenever that does come. I totally know how it is to update via a mobile (although mine does come from my iPod). It is hard to write a decent length post via that… takes ages to type anything out!
    Anyways, love you you all! ❤ Xoxox

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