A Month of Craft Photos: Day 25 and Day 26

Day 25: When you Craft


Why all the clocks?  Well it’s simple really, I don’t have a set time I crochet…. I do it when ever I have a spare moment or two.  Another reason why I have several project bags stashed all around the house and in the car.. 😀  

Yep I’m a hookaholic! 😛


Day 26: Organisation


Okay I admit this is the MOST organised I am reguarding my craft…the patterns folder here on my lap top.    It’s sad I know…everything else is in  some form of yarn chaos around the place…my (now 3) full 60ltr crates that contain my stash…well most of my stash isn’t very organised…I’ve got all types mixed up so it’s somewhat of a treasure hunt when I go looking for something I need for a new project.    Meh, colourful chaos…that’s my crafting life to a tee!


And before I go here’s some photos that were taken when I was up at the makers studio yesterday…. everyone so busy working on finishing their pieces for either the up coming “Spots and Stripes” exhibition in May or the Beanie Festival being held in Alice Springs, Northern Territory in June this year:

My latest looming project… all woven bags for the Workshops to be held on the 22nd Oct in Halls Gap have been made so now I am using up what’s left of the weft to make myself yet another Project bag. 😀
Some of the other members of the group hard at work on their awesomely amazing projects. Cheryl (in the green) is there working on some more Beanies for the Beanie Festival in Alice Springs, while Trish and Faye (at the back there) work on shaping the Felted Vest Trish is working on for the Spots and Stripes Exhibition. 
Trish working on her felted vest for the Spots and Stripes exhibition.

Hope you all are well and hope things keep being shiney for you all!

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2 Responses to A Month of Craft Photos: Day 25 and Day 26

  1. marissafh says:

    Don’t worry – I’m also in a colorful chaos over here!

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