A Month of Craft Photos: Days 21 & 22

Day 21: Crafting Accompaniments


Can’t beat a nice hot cuppa (be it coffee, tea or hot chocolate) and a nibble or two…in this case it’s Anzac Bikkies but sometimes its handful of nuts, carrot sticks, fruit or chocolate.
Either way these things make for one happy little crocheter.

Day 22: Contrasts


The contrast of colours in the two bears I made this weekend…the brightness of the little Aussie Bear in the hand dyed green and yellow yarn made Friday to Saturday and the subdued rose red bear made in the Moda Vera Cupcake yarn started last.night and finished today.

There’s a texture contrast also. The bear from the hand dye is slightly rougher to the touch and very thready where the cupcake is very soft and almost cotton like to the touch.

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One Response to A Month of Craft Photos: Days 21 & 22

  1. I love snaks meanwhile working or watching TV. Cute little bears.

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