Month of Craft Photos: Day 19 & 20

Day 19: Supplies


Market Supplies I thought would be the best for this days photo. Seeing as my ever growing yarn stash has shown up more than once this month.
So I wouldn’t have a market stall with out the supplies of items I’ve made so Ta Dah!

Day 20: Finishing


Perfect for today!! I’ve just finished putting the final boarder on the blue mixed square blanket that I’ve been arguing, swearing, yelling at, working on this month also so here’s a photo of my hook adding the crochet edge to the rug which is now all ready to go to its new home.

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2 Responses to Month of Craft Photos: Day 19 & 20

  1. Oh, love all the colors on your table! And that baby blanket pic – oh I’m in love with te mixed blues! Sooo pretty! <33

  2. Good for you Dez! It looks very nice and your costumer will be amazed I’m pretty sure of it. Can’t wait to see what will be your next project.

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