A Month of Craft Photos: Days 17 & 18

Day 17: Last Finished Object (FO) you used


Would have to be my shawl!  It’s been pretty chilly around here in the mornings and evenings again so I’ve had to unpack the shawl I made for myself in May last year, made it in a night actually as I spent a night in a motel room in Melbourne as I had to be at the Melbourne Airport International Arrivals early the next morning as my very good friend from California was coming for a visit – can’t believe it’s almost going to be a whole year since she’s been here already!!  Where has the time gone?  Ooops Babbling again aren’t I – Sorry! 😀
It was pretty much the second shawl I had ever made in this style, the 1st one was made for a birthday gift for the friend that was coming for a visit.  It was made using a bit of a difficult yarn called Moda Vera Nomei but I am glad it turned out as it’s so very soft and the colours just looked great.  I’m not much of a fan of the colour Pink but I can tolerate it in this shawl.   I guess that’s really the only way I can tolerate pink…as long as it’s mixed up with other colours. 😀
So yes this is the last finished object I have used – well still am using at the moment as I type this actually…. on a side note – I could be biting off more than I can chew here but I have managed to find the Nomei yarn again in the exact colour-lot as my shawl so maybe I can fluke my luck and make a pair of matching crochet bed socks for this winter, will keep you updated on that little project when I get the courage up to try it!

Day 18: Craft Books


Here’s my collection which has pretty much “exploded” out thanks to my Birthday on the 3rd of this month!  I went from having only 4 books to now having the collection of 14!  I can spend Ages slowly looking through any one of these books plotting and planning my next project, colours schemes etc with these and I have to admit I have a wish list over on the The Book Depository at the moment which is slowly getting a little longer each week as I discover another book I would like to get.
*Sigh*  Yes I admit it, I’m addicted but am happy to be so as I am sure there are FAR worse addictions out there that I’m avoiding  (my chocolate addiction is not counted in here at all!) thanks to Crocheting so I’m happy for that! 😀   Too bad at times my bank account wishes I wasn’t but it’ll get over it!

Well I’m off to make a coffee for the morning, hope you all have a great day…I know I will be today being Wednesday aka Hump Day…it’s also the day the Makers Studio is open so I’ll be heading off today (hopefully) and definitely tomorrow for some more Spinning and Weaving joy!

Love to all!!

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6 Responses to A Month of Craft Photos: Days 17 & 18

  1. I totally love that shawl of yours!! Pretty and colorful! 😀 And I was just thinking that the other day, it’s so crazy how it’s been almost a year!! It is crazy how fast this year has gone since I was there! O.o WAY TOO FAST!! And books! Lots of books with patterns, and I know you’ll have a good laugh at how I’m doing my photo for tomorrow…. ROFL!! I’m having to be super creative with a few of the days, but it’s all fun! 😀 I’ll be keeping an eye out for crocheting books over here, that could possibly be sent over there as a giftie… or something like that… we’ll see. 😛 Hehehe! Makes me want to go and find a list of photos to do for next month as well! 😀 Because next month, middle of the month, I’ll be heading home — And I can use mum and dad’s camera again…. and my fingers rambled off on me again… darned chatty fingers!
    Have fun weaving/spinning if you do go! xoxoxo

    • Well I have a list for another month of photos if you’re interested! 😀 A friend Facebooked it to me for when I felt like doing another one after this month. I’ll facebook it to you in a moment so you can check it out…it’s a bit more random than this craft one so it should be fun to do while you’re at home! 😀

  2. marissafh says:

    Nice colours on the shawl. And looking at your craft books makes me want to dig out my collection as well!

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