A Month of Craft Photos: Day 16 (+ extra)

Day 16: Texture


This was the very best way I could show todays required photo…the yarn I use for my own personal creations and those I make for other are various in colour and texture…take these two for example….the simple straight red DK 8ply yarn and the somewhat feathery/wispy rainbow coloured “Tinka” yarn which I use in red last year to edge the mixed red yarn Granny Square car blanket for my car ‘Jezzabell’.

These two are at complete opposite ends of the yarn texture scale and to see them on their own in their separate wound balls they do look weird but because of their contrasting feel I find they work well together in different projects.   Well I think so anyway. 😀

And now for the something extra….   on the trip down to Ballarat with Mum this morning for a medical appointment I just HAD to stick my phone out the window to capture these two:  


Aren’t those colours amazing!!  The top photo was taken somewhere around 6:45am and the second one not long after it…somewhere around 7:10am…look at all the fog hanging around though it sure made driving through it rather interesting as across the road the fog was as thick as pea and ham soup!!

We made it through alright though and the rest of the day turned out to be cool but very sunny and clear.   And now I’m hope…all I wanna do now is sit back in my chair and chill out…I’m exhausted!

Night all!

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One Response to A Month of Craft Photos: Day 16 (+ extra)

  1. Dez, great photos. I love fog!

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