A Month of Craft Photos: Day 13

Day 13: Inspiration Indoors

I have to admit I had A LOT of trouble finding something to fill todays picture.   I get most of my inspiration from outside…from sunsets, flowers, the sky, in the water, well you get the picture.   So to find something to inspire my crafting inside my house, that was no easy task.
I’ve spent most of the day wandering around the house doing the usual chores that HAD to be done (no matter how crook I feel at the moment or how not interested in doing them) but keeping my eye out for something to catch my eye.


NOTHING! Nothing leapt out and grabbed me all day! I was about to come on here and make a whole “WAAA WAAA WAA poor little me I’ve failed to fulfill a photo day task” entry with a consolation Chai Tea beside me here up at my table when…


Inspiration FINALLY smacked me in the head with a big “STOP BEING SO BLONDE AND LOOK AT WHAT YOUR CUP IS SITTING ON” Wack to the eyeballs..


These new coasters what came with some new coffee cup my Mother gave me weeks ago!! Once my eye were whacked open I saw all the colours and BINGO there’s my inspiration for the Mandala I have been planning on making (once the baby blanket is done and out-of-the-way) for my beloved Chester the Cat Teapot to sit on in the middle of my Table.  At the moment he’s stored safely inside his box in the cupboard until the Mandala is made.

So yay Day 13 photo task is complete, and I had better get back to working on the last 4 squares I need to make for the Baby Blanket (2 size 8’s and 2 size 10’s) before I can finally start putting it together so needless to say…stay tuned my beloved readers a photo update of the blanket is sure to come!


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2 Responses to A Month of Craft Photos: Day 13

  1. Beautiful colors! good luck with the baby blanket.

    • Thanks! I’m going to need it to keep motivated. I’ve gotten to the point where the sized 8 squares are becomming as tedious to make as the 52 sized 4 squares were and if I wasn’t making it for someone else I may have burried it in the bottom of my stash pile by now and forgotton about it. No such luck, want to have it finished as soon as posible so I can hand it over to the person who oredered it and have it out of my house already! Yep…I’m a little miffed at it at the moment. May change when it comes to piecing it together…I hope.

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