A Month of Craft Photos: Day 12

Day 12: A Crafty Gift

Birthday Gift

I couldn’t think of anything else more appropriate for this day’s photo than the awesome birthday gift I got from my Birthday Swap Partner Lollyanne from Ravelry.

Over on Ravelry I am apart of a great group called Australian Swappers where a huge group of us sign up to partake in all sorts of yarn related swaps including themes like Colours of the Rainbow, Holiday themed (Halloween, easter, Xmas), on the cheap just to name a few.

I’ve signed up for a few including the Birthday 2012 Swap where I am partnered by a mod to someone who has a birthday close to mine and we swap gifts with each other. This year I was partnered with the lovely Lollyanne from Surat in Queensland who sent me the gorgeous gift pictured above.  The Crafty Gift component of the gift includes the purple new craft bag…which featured in yesterdays photo, a 50g Crazy Zuberball (which I am still figuring out what to make out of it), and two awesome Day of the Dead ‘fat quarters’ which I am thinking of hauling out the sewing machine (be afraid) and making myself another Project bag from them…Lollyanne very cleverly used the fat quarters as wrapping for some of the gifts.    There are a few other awesome gifts in there that are non crafty related but still fantastic all the same, even though Loki has claimed the Surat Cob & Co Stubbie holder for himself! 😛

So yes a very crafty gift indeed.

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One Response to A Month of Craft Photos: Day 12

  1. Oh, that is a veeery nifty gift! 😀 And it totally gave me an idea for my Day 12 photo! 😀 Thanks! xoxox

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