Adventure in the Little Dessert.

Can someone please tell me how we got to April already!  I swear it feels like we only were just starting March last week!   Ah well time flies when you’re having fun they say and boy oh boy have I been having fun!!

How did you all survive April Fools Day?   Prank free and fun I hope.   I know mine was!  Loki and I were up early as we had planned to spend Sunday gallivanting around the countryside for a few hours.     So we were both up early, after showers, breakfast and coffee, lamb shanks along with herbs and veg into the slow cooker, Loki finished loading the last few things into Rocky as I made a quick phone call to my Cousin Liz who was celebrating her 30th Birthday – There’s an interesting story involving me, my cousin Liz and the 1st of April so remind me to fill you in on it some time in the near future – so I had to wish her a Happy Birthday and a welcome to good old Club 30!!

Phone call made and Rocky all loaded up by Loki it was give Binx a pat and tell him to be a good boy and keep a watch on the house and the slow cooker while we were out and we were off heading towards Dimboola.

That little map there should give you the idea of the path traveled from where we live in Horsham to Dimboola (same town my Mum lives in).  Dimboola is 34km from Horsham so it’s a relatively quick drive.

Once we got to Dimboola we headed straight out 1st to the Dimboola Weir which we had heard was badly damaged in the floods we had here in Jan/Feb 2011 but Loki and I weren’t entirely sure how badly damaged as we hadn’t seen it and only knew what we had heard from reading the paper and from what other people had mentioned in conversations here and there.    Well what can I say…the severity of the damage finally hit home when we arrived and saw this:
Dimboola Weir

Last time I was out at the weir there was a concrete path up to the carers/controllers shed/hut the held the controls to run the opening and closing of the weir in Dimboola…it’s all gone, all washed away leaving those stairs hovering in midair leading to nothing but a big hole in the ground where everything used to be.    I can totally understand now why residents, farmers and some council members are angry at it not being repair a full 12 months past the event.  It’s terrible.

While we were there Loki did decide to try his luck with a spot of morning fishing in the Wimmera River while we were up here in Dimboola.

We didn’t have any luck though but didn’t mind too much, it was just nice to be out in the peace and quiet by the river.  We weren’t the only one’s eaither…further up there along the bank on the opposite side another guy had picked a spot and set up for what it looked like to be a full day of fishing.  Good on him we thought, we might have stayed longer if we hadn’t made other plans.  So fishing gear loaded back up in the back of Rocky and secured as we were about to go back off-road for a bit of 4WDing past Ackle Bend camp ground and in the Little Desert National Park. (thank link should give you a brief idea about the place but feel free to Google the park some more if you would like to know more).

Past Ackle Bend Campground we entered the park and started off by following the River Track for a decent hour or so as it wound lazily around the edge of the river which was unfortunately low again as the Horsham Weir was mostly closed over again to limit the flow that would eventually make its way down to the busted Dimboola weir.  I did take a few photos through the passenger window of Rocky as we trundled along but will only share some of the best ones with you all….think I’ll save your eyes for the blurry action photos! 😛

Past Ackle Bend

I had forgotten how lovely and quiet it was out there, Horsham is by no means a big town, it’s bigger then Dimboola by double and slowly getting bigger but it definitely not the size of a town like Ballarat or Bendigo….if Horsham was in Melbourne we’d be about the size of a suburb maybe?   Anyway it’s quiet, well I thought it was until I was out bush again with Loki and you could hear the wind in the trees and the thump of the Kangaroos as they hopped on by to where ever they felt like going (usually away from Rocky and fast enough for me not to catch them on camera *grumble).

Interesting Tree

After a while River Track started to turn back around again and we came to the spot where we could either continue on back towards Ackle Bend Campground or turn left and do what we came here for….some serious 4WDing over nothing but pure Little Desert SAND!! >.

Letting Air Out

The answer was pretty clear, Loki pulled Rocky over and dropped some air out of the tyres which is the wise thing to do when travelling on sand as it spreads the 4WDs weight out more evenly and it’s less chance of sinking into the sand and getting bogged as well as less chance of getting a punctuer in the tyre as the wall isn’t as rigid and unforgiving as it would be under normal road level. 

Once Rocky’s tyres were at the Level they needed to be it was last call for Loo breaks because once we were on the sand that was it…no stopping or we’d risk getting bogged.   Man it was fun though!  The roads were as rough as all heck and we were following the 4WD only track called Macbes Hut Track for about 4 and a half hours.   It was nothing but sand of varying softness and bumps and divots.   It was awesome though bouncing through even the very roughest spots that made me panic a little bit as we hit pretty hard in some spots but we were all ok.


About two hours down the track we had left the bush forested area and it was flat as far as the eye can see which was pretty eerie but awesome non the less, we saw several groups of Eastern Grey Kangaroos hopping along and a rather large group of Emus on either side of Rocky (again couldn’t get a steady photo of them yet again as we bounced along *more grumbles*)

Macabes Hut Track turned onto Mallee Road Track which we followed for the remaining hour which bounced and shook us all they way back to our starting point of River Track Road.    Man it was fun but it was also good to finally have a place we could stop the car and get out for a leg stretch without running the risk of sinking into the sand.

Late Lunch

So while Loki used his newest toy (a small air compressor) and put air back into Rocky’s tyres so they were back up to solid road level again we took advantage to have a late lunch and a drink…. and a little wander around the little area once again to get our “land” legs back which was good as our legs felt a little wobbly after all the bouncing around.

Late lunch had, tyres back up to pressure (all 4wds need an air compressor I swear it they’re fantastic!!), rubbish stored back inside little car fridge to be disposed of in a bin back at home, Loki and I piled back into the car and headed back to Horsham….after a stop in for a coffee to see Mum seeing as we were in Dimboola anyway and I knew she had the day off.   She had fun looking at the photos we took and the few  videos we managed thanks to my mobile phone as we were driving.    Loki and I headed back off again around 5pm full off coffee and me with early Birthday gifts from my Aunt (my Mum’s younger sister and the mother of my cousin Liz) and herself… we decided to avoid the highway this time on the way home and took the back roads back towards Horsham.   Wail-Polkemmett Road to Polkemmet Road was a new way for Loki and I as we both hadn’t done that way before but it was lovely as the sun was on its slow decent for the day and the country side looked lovely.

Three Bridges Road

We finally made it back mostly home to a place called Three Bridges Road which was a place Loki knew well as he passes it almost everyday when he is driving the delivery truck for his work at Johnston’s Steel.   So we tried our luck fishing again for about another two hours….well Loki fished and I ran around taking photos on my phone whose battery was really starting to go flat by then before I had a shot at trying to catch a fish.

We didn’t stay any longer than the two hours as the Mozzies had started getting too bad even the strong repellant we had that usually works well was beginning to fail.  By then though we both were pretty tired so it was time to pack it up and head on home but not without managing to snap this last photo before the phone died.


It was great day but it was also great to walk through the front door to be greeted by a purring and very happy to see us Binx and the smell of the lamb Shanks that had been cooking all day in the slow cooker….what an amazing smell, yum!   I put some rice on as Loki unpacked Rocky and then it was dinner time and unwind for the rest of the night.

Yesterday was so much fun today has been so quiet compared to it and rather lazy…don’t mind though, my backs a little sore from all the bouncing around yesterday so a little rest is in order… got most of the chores done today that didn’t require much bending…the rest I can catch up on tomorrow.     I have had some fun today though…been a bit spoilt actually by my Mum and by my Bestie Jessi (who unfortunately lives interstate but that doesn’t stop us).      Mum gave me my early birthday present yesterday when we stopped in to see her….5 crocheting books!   *squeals in Delight*  More patterns for me to try and then use to make colourful things.  Can’t wait!

Early Birthday one

Early Birthday Gifts two

I got the parcel this afternoon from Jessi…she so spoilt me with a Doctor Who collectible – The Masters Fob Watch, a gorgeous hand painted fan she found for me when she was over in Vanuatu on her cruise earlier this year, a whole heap of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups to make the job of hiding them from Loki near on impossible and a gorgeously cuddly long scarf for winter which she made for me herself!  So spoilt!  Now I am already on a hunt to find something equally amazing to send to her in time for her birthday in July! 😀

Giant Cups

These are the BIGGEST Peanut Butter Cups I have ever seen!!  A Pound of Cups!  WOW!! I feel a sugar coma will be the result of this that’s for sure!!


Love love love the scarf…definetly going to be warm this winter season.   She did a fantastic job on it though!!  So soft and cuddly.  

Well that’s it from me for now.  It’s almost dark here and I’ve got a quick trip down the street to do so better get organised for that.   Hope you’re all well and if you too are partaking in the Month of Photos Craft Challenge I look forward to seeing all your photos also.  Keep watch for (hopefully) daily photo updates as I do the challenge along with you!

*hugs to you all*
Bounced Dez and Purry Binx

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3 Responses to Adventure in the Little Dessert.

  1. I love to read about your trip adventures! Thanks for sharing.
    I’m so happy that you’ve got your B-Day presents. Your mom is awesome! she really knows what you like. Your scarf looks very cozy, I’m sure it will be so handy because it has many colors to combine with.
    I envy your packet of Reese’s though, but happy for you. 😉

    • Thanks Adriana, my bestie Jessica got the Reeces as being in a rural town they’re unavailable here. She lives in Canberra and as that is a major city they have a massive store there called Costco and they stock a lot of American items in. She knows my love of chocolate and Lokis love for peanut butter and combined them in the cups!!!

  2. Oh, love the pics looks like a total blast! 😀 😀

    And O.O Those are some huge Reeses peanut butter cups! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for some here (even though I know right where to get them, not the huge ones, just the regular sized ones) that I may be able to slip into my next parcel to ya. 😀 If I remember!
    Happy Almost Birthday! ❤ ❤ -huggles-

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