A Month of Photos.

Am really looking forward to the 1st of April.   No not because I have a masive prank I want to play on Loki for April Fools Day, but actually because I am really looking forward to giving this challenge ago that I came across in Yarn Corner.  Yarn Corner is a Yarn Bombing group I am with over on Facebook, and another member posted the idea at the start of this month for anyone to give it a go.  

The challenge is called A Month of Photos!  Each day I need to take a photo to complete the daily category of the challenge.   The daily photos I need to get to fullfill the challenge are as follows:

Day 1 – You in Action
Day 2 – Your craft tools
Day 3 – An old FO (Finished Object)
Day 4 – Inspiration Outdoors
Day 5 – Notions
Day 6 – Colour
Day 7 – Materials
Day 8 – Challenging
Day 9 –  Your Hands
Day 10 – Your craft bag
Day 11 – A WiP (Work in Progress)
Day 12 – A craft gift
Day 13 – Inspiration Indoors
Day 14 – Where you craft
Day 15 – A new skill
Day 16 – Texture
Day 17 – Last FO you used
Day 18 – Craft books
Day 19 – Suplies
Day 20 – Finishing
Day 21 – Crafting accompainments
Day 22 – Contrasts
Day 23 – Inspiration from clothes
Day 24 – Up Close
Day 25 – When you craft
Day 26 – Organisation
Day 27 – The wrongside
Day 28 – Simplicity
Day 29 – Latest FO
Day 30 – You crafting companion.

Should be quiet fun and a lot of it is up to interpretation to.  I’ll mainly be linking this to my yarn love but I am pretty possitive it can be linked to all crafty things.  If you do decide to give this go yourself please leave me a link to your blog in the coment section as I would very much be interested in checking it out myself!!

Take care everyone

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5 Responses to A Month of Photos.

  1. Omg! I’m so doing that month of photos! This’ll be awesome fun!!

  2. Dear Dez,
    Count me in. It sounds very fun!

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