The title says it all really!  After the busy two days I have had, I am actually really digging this very lazy Friday right now where all I’ve had to do today is the dishes, a tiny bit of washing that is now drying on the clothes rack in the lounge and the rest of today I have been here in my majorly comfy old lazy boy chair (that has more creeks and groans in it than anything I can compare it to, it’s slightly of kilter but I wouldn’t get rid of it for anything), under a small rug that I made last year which was previously decorating the back of a couch and in my jumper. 

I can’t believe how quickly things have nipped off here within just this week!
Sunday night to Monday it was cool and pleasant enough not to need the fans on but still keep in short sleeves and bare feet.    Even during the night it was wonderful…mind you I had a lot of trouble falling asleep so found myself playing around with yarn and my trusty 4mm crochet hook and ended up making up quiet a few of these little flower motifs…    


Kinda cute aren’t they.  Anyway I think I had made around 10 before sleep FINALLY kicked in.   I got back to making some more later that Monday….about 6 actually in between phone calls, trips down the street and my Mum and my Neighbour TK popping in for a cuppa here and there that afternoon.   I had no idea what I was going to do with all these little flowers so they sat on the side as I went back to making on more squares for the baby blanket.  

I’m still stuck making size 4 squares.   52 need to be made and I have  36 made up so far with the 37th currently on the last round on the hook at the moment but I am currently “out of like” with it at the moment.  52 is the most I have to make of one size out of all the squares so I think I just have to push on through and keep going.   What is also taking so long with the sized 4’s is I had run out of the second colour and had to wait till that was delivered this Monday so that lost me 4 days of making.  Now it looks like the Iris I am using for the center of all the squares is about to run out so I’ve just ordered another lot so hopefully that will arrive early next week so I can keep going.
In the meantime though if I do run out of the Iris, I picked up my other yarn order yesterday afternoon so I can make a start on the dark purple caplette shawl a friend and a repeat customer has commissioned from me.  Love making the caplette shawls so that’ll be fun in-between the squares.

Anyway Tuesday came around and I woke up with an idea as to what to do with the 16 little flowers….so grabbing a contrasting colour (in this case some left over Holly Green from all the Xmas Pet Stockings I made last November.    And about 30mins later (had a small furry-purry distraction in between) I turned the flowers into this…


I can’t help but smile when ever I look up and see them hanging there.  I honestly wasn’t expecting them to be as long as they turned out to be but I am really glad they did get to that length as it fills that spot in rather perfectly.    I plan on making a whole heap more to sell at the Markets, in the Makers Gallery (which I will get to in a moment or so) and for IYBD – International Yarn Bombing Day.  

International Yarn Bombing Day/Worldwide Knit In Public Day 2012 will be a busy period for Yarn Corner. Spotlight have asked for our help putting on an event. The idea is to join up with Nova FM [radio station] and have a competition where listeners are given clues to the placement of a massive 3 metre high pair of yarn bombed scissors in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The listener will need to take photos and send to NOVA for a chance to win a grand prize.

All scissors are 3 metres high and made out of a MDF template made by Kaiser Craft scrapbooking company in Geelong… but each pair of scissors has a different theme to it but staying within the 7 colors of the rainbow.

A virtual garden attached to a pair of scissors. The whole scissors will be knitted/crocheted in green [to symbolise grass], and then LOTS AND LOTS of flowers, leaves, bugs, butterflies, bee’s etc will be attached to it. Except the leaves, all of the flowers, bugs, butterflies etc have to be within the 7 colors of the rainbow.

I’ve signed up for making some flower garlands for this so I’m looking forward to making a start on it soon.  IYBD is not until June so I’ll get a start on them as soon as the baby blanket and caplette are completed.  I also have another project to work on and hopefully finish before the 2nd June as it’ll be my Mum’s birthday pressent…but more on that another time.

So that was my Tuesday.  Wednesday…well what can I say, Wednesday was a BLAST!!  I was back up in the Makers Studio again at 1pm hoping for another spinning lesson but the spares wheels had apparently spat the dummy and what not so Val plonked me down in front of this…


Loom!!!  She had started that one off already but with a few quick instructions and what not handed the control of it over to me and what can I say…I am in love with weaving.  It’s so much fun and surprisingly relaxing, you get into a rhythm and the time flies by.


Quick colour change from blues to this 2 red yarn mix…


Which resulted in this effect.     It looks amazing.  Val’s making up a lot of these weaves to be turned into small bags she’ll be giving away in October as free project bags during a workshop weekend in Halls Gap.   I am so hoping I can afford to go as along with weaving workshop there will also be spinning workshops also.  However if I can’t afford to make it in October one of the bags I’ve made will be held for me. Yay!

Close to somewhere around 5pm Val and I headed downstairs to the Makers Gallery where Bev Hall was working that day (I had previously met Bev through the Makers Xmas Markets on the 3rd Dec last year as Loki had delivered trestle tables for it via the SES), as now that I was a offical member of the Horsham Spinners and Weavers now I ended up volunteering my time to work in the Makers Gallery starting in May!  Lol Bev I swear can talking you into doing anything!   I don’t mind though, it’ll get me out of the house and at the same time I can add a few things I have made to the Gallery with the chance things may end up being sold as well.  Added bonus! 😀

Back upstairs again to get in another hour of weaving before it was time to call it a night and head back home as Loki would be home from Work soon and I had to get dinner on the go which was going to be interesting as my back was absolutely KILLING me.  Not used to working on the loom that’s for sure.
When I came home I was very pleased to see that the last three books that I ordered a few weeks ago had finally found their way to my letter box.


I can’t wait to give these ago and seeing as it’s gotten so cold here all of a sudden (it’s like Autumn suddenly realised it was actually supposed to be cool to cold again) and I need some new socks.  I was just excited to have finally found a sock pattern that wasn’t knitted and from what I’ve read so far the patterns look pretty easy to follow also!  *happy dances*  Will definitely keep you posted on how it goes when I make an attempt.

So onto Thursday…..


This is definitely how I felt Thursday morning.  Once I had my cup of coffee that morning I was off and racing…and a lot of stuff to do down the street that morning it wasn’t funny.  Most of it was boring appointments so I won’t bore you with that but finally had it down to picking up a prescription for Loki, finally collecting a yarn order I had been waiting for, for a couple of weeks and finally grabbing some very yum chinese for lunch before heading to the Makers Studio for more Loom work!  

I did get a bit more done but then Gaye arrived with a new Loom and she and Val got me over to the table and got me to thread it once the weft had been attached and secured at the back…


It was interesting that’s for sure and took about an hour and a half to get it all threaded through properly, by the end of it my eyes felt a little cross-eyed but it was worth it considering now I know how it’s done and it’s another loom for someone to use to help in the making of more bags for the workshops in October.

Before I knew it, it was 6pm again and time to head home.  The studio will be open again on Monday morning so I’ll be going there again in the afternoon for an actual spinning lesson as my Wheel has been fixed.  The tiny little piece that was missing couldn’t be found so Gaye’s husband has very cleverly has managed to make one up so my wheel will be at the studio so I can start learning on it.  I can’t wait.


Hee I managed to snap a photo of TK and her Daughter Julz working on felting up some handles for the October workshop bags while I was threading up the loom.  Julz had a lot of fun with the felting so hopefully next weekend when the studio is open she can come up and do some more felting.

Well that’s about it from me for now.  I’ve got to get a move on and get a few things done before having to duck down the street again to get the few things I’ve got to get for tea tonight….we’re having tacos.  Yum. 😀

Oh yes…when I got home again after 6pm last night for the 2nd night in a row this week my little creative director hopped straight up in my lap to “have words” with me.  Apparently he’s not that thrilled at the fact I have been leaving the house around 1pm and returning a little after 6pm.       He gave me the “and were the smeg have you been Mum” look…which I shall leave you with…


Have a great weekend all!!

Love ‘n’ Stuff
Dez and Binx

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4 Responses to TGIF!!

  1. Wow! I wish I had done half of the things you did! I love your flower garland it makes your wall look so happy! I’m glad you got your spin wheel fixed I’m pretty sure you’ll be back in track in no time. Sometimes is good to take a break on a project (as in the baby-blanket) then after a few days I come back with more energy and missing that same project. I don’t know if this has happened to you but I’m sure you’ll be excited to finish because I see that you’ll have new socks in mind now and you want to start on them pretty soon. 😉 I love your cat’s photo ! He is so cute! and He looks like that is exactly what he was thinking.

    Great weekend to you too and a very productive Monday!

  2. Oh, I so can relate to you with feeling TGIF when Friday came around! And that coffee pic is soooooo you, so giggled! ❤ You really did get a lot done, and I'm so loving your flowers and your work on the loom!! ❤ All soo pretty. I may have to commission you (once I get some more money and have paid off a few things) to make some of them for someone I know… I'll let ya know if I do when I have the moneys. ^_^

    Anyways. poor Master Binxington not having his cozy lap to sleep on! Gotta love those faces that animals pull when they aren't very happy with ya.

    Hope that you're staying warm down there and sending you huggles from up here in nippy, but spring-time Cali.


    • Lol Binx has been getting awfully miffed at me going out. I was supposed to be out again this afternoon but was unwell over night so strict home and rest today….and battling Binx for control over a certain snuggly blanket an awsome person made and posted to me 🙂

      No worries happy to make some up, just let me know when and what colours over on FB messages. 😀 xoxo

      • Lol! I’m glad that you (and Binx) both like the snuggly blanket. ^_^ Makes me happy.

        And will do! 😀 I’ll probably be later in the year or something. 😛 But I’ll let ya know. 🙂

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