It’s going to be a Quiet one.

What a complete opposite weekend I have ahead of me compared to this time last week!  No waking up at an ungodly hour to travel 4 or more hours to get somewhere, no spending cash on fuel, road nibbles, umpteen cups of coffee mixed in with the occasional can of Mother in between to get us home safe and sound… country music! >.

What do I have ahead of me instead?  Well Loki will be away from tonight until Sunday evening (about 6pm-ish) on the annual SES Training Weekend up in Halls Gap in The Grampians here in Victoria.  It’s lovely up there so I am a little envious that he’ll be getting to spend some time up there I will have to admit.
So while he’s away I can have some “Me” time….well me and Binx and Junior time anyway but essentially just me.   And I plan on spending most of Saturday playing with these two books that arrived in the mail for me today…


Love the!!  The baby blanket is currently on hold at the moment till next week as the light blue I was using to make the size 4 squares ran out and I am waiting for the extra balls I ordered to arrive, I had hoped that was going to be today but looks like it’ll be either Monday or Tuesday now.

The Motif one will be coming in handy already as I have to make March’s 8″ squares for my ravelry square swap.  I’ve already made one so I’ll be flipping through that book for inspiration for the 2nd square….so stay tuned to this channel for photo updates later on.
The little Crochet Critters one is going to be interesting though, I’ve never actually made a toy before so it should be fun non the less…I mean I haven’t completely cracked it at the “Teddy” I am attempting to make from another book I got a few weeks ago.   Here’s my progress so far:


Yeah not very far but the head and body is done and I am now starting on the arms.  Just need to make the legs and hears and attempt to stitch it all together.   I know I started “Muti” as I have fondly dubbed it ages ago but hit a little bit of a wall as I didn’t have any hobby-fill to stuff him with.  But now that I do, (thank you again Tan my crafty lifesaver) and as soon as I pull Binx out from amongst it AGAIN I can hopefully finish him this weekend.

So that’s Saturday taken care of…. most of Sunday will be spent down at the spinners and weavers guild with another spinning lesson from about 10:30am till around 3:30pm so I can be home in time and get dinner in the oven.   Will try to get some photos taken now that I know the group doesn’t mind but I won’t promise anything as it depends on how caught up I get in mastering the art of this spinning talent.

So until next time…I wish you all a fantastic Friday night and an awesome Weekend!! Have a blast everyone and I’ll catch up with you all again next week! 

Dez and a Hobby-fill covered Binx.

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2 Responses to It’s going to be a Quiet one.

  1. Oh, yay for a quiet weekend – I know that you’ve had a few crazy weekends! And OMG! That bear is so cute! ❤ It's going to be totally adorable when you get him all finished up! ❤ And hahahahahhaa to binx falling into it again… oh, that's so him, is he shooting his little 'lazer beams' at it now for 'attacking' him? 😛
    And hope that your class goes well! ❤
    Happy Early St Patty's Day to ya from me back here in the past! 😉


  2. I’m so glad you got your books! I hope you the best for this weekend and have a great time at your spinning class. Can’t wait to see photos.


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