Long Weekend…

…was not flipping long enough!!

I seem to remember as a child that Long Weekends thanks to the Monday being a public holiday would seem to drag on and on… I want that back so badly as right now…I need a long weekend to recover from the long weekend just past!   Don’t think I should be complaining too much though, isn’t it always better to be busy than bored and inside all the time.

So what has left me feeling like my head is spinning like a top?  Well getting up at 4am Saturday morning to be on the road by 5am is a main start…

Saturday, the 10th March was the day Loki and I headed to Melbourne…to the other side of it to be more “correct” to the suburb of Hastings.  We were headed to the car Dealership called West Bay Cars to look at another Ute for Loki and as it was around a 4 hours and 52 minute drive (don’t you love the precise time the Tomtom navigator gave us) it was better to be up and on the road as early as possible to travel down and be at the Dealer in a reasonable time.

Even with our usual nibble and leg stretch stops we finally made it onto the Highway just out of Melbourne around 10:40am and were on the freeway heading towards the Westgate Bridge dutifully following the directions of the Tomtom voice by Daffy Duck non-the-less when I spotted something strange on the side of the road:

Interesting isn’t it.  A few of my friends that frequent Melbourne more than I do (heck in the amount of time I have live in Victoria from June 1998 to now I have only been to Melb 3 times…twice to Melbourne Airport last year and this trip we were taking now), mentioned to me that they’ve no idea why it’s there but at night it’s all lit up with tiny lights so it appears to just be hanging in mid-air.   I am sure it would look lovely at night but not sure if I’ll ever be that way again at night-time, but if I ever am I will most definitely get a photo of it.

Little further up the free way now shaking our heads at the pure insanity of some of the drivers in Melbourne we finally made it to the Bigger then I imagined Westgate Bridge.   This bridge is ginormous!!  It’s the only word for it.  The sheer hight of it didn’t really take its effect on me until heading home later that day when we approached it from the other side.


Heading on up and over when this was photo was taken.   Unfortunately that very large fence on either side of the bridge is a new addition thanks to some bloody mongrel who tossed his toddler aged daughter over the side of the bridge several years ago.   It was awful, he’s now rotting in prison for the rest of his life and I hope like hellfire someone in there is making his life in there torture for what he did to his little girl.

Once across this massive bridge though the madness took over, I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of this part of the trip as I was too busy watching the Tomtom, freaking out in a minor way at more insane Melbourne drivers cutting each other off and virtually forcing their way into the lanes they want to get into, dodging trams….

We made through the other side to another freeway safely in one piece with slightly frazzled nerves and followed the freeway finally out to Hastings to the West Bay Cars dealership in Hastings.      We spent a little over an hour and a half there looking at a Holden Rodeo 4WD there, Loki took it for a test drive while I showed the Dealer the current Ute named “Brutus2” as the plan was to use him as a trade in if the Rodeo was as good as it appeared on the outside.
The test drive went good but Loki discovered a slight oil leak at the front and pointed it out to them.  They said they’ll fix it up so while they do that take a chance to grab some lunch and have a little look around at the Marina there in Hastings….well that was music to our ears as it was just past midday by then and we hadn’t had a chance to eat anything since our break at Ararat Caltex at around 7am.   So off we headed up the road a bit to Pelican Bay Marina.


Ahhh BEACH!!  I never realised how much I have missed the salty sea air, calls of seagulls and the sound of waves lapping against the sand and jetty until we made it to Pelican Bay.  We came across a brilliant Cafe right on the Jetty and had a gorgeously fresh seafood basket for lunch – fresh seafood!!  Brilliant, tastes so much better than what we get here in Horsham, having to get it trucked in it’s usually been frozen or on ice and thanks to that it looses that “sea fresh” flavour.    

After getting very full on the sea foods and a very strong but lovely iced coffee we took a wander around the bay and up the Jetty and back.  Thankfully it was a slightly overcast and cool day to make the wander a pleasant one.   I had stopped to take a photo of some sail boats that were slowly gliding by across the water when Loki told me to look up…


Well hello there Mr Percival (name comes from the Australian movie called Storm Boy – definitely worth a watch, the pelican in there is called Mr Percival), supervising the jetty and bay from your vantage point up there.   No way in heck fire am I walking underneath that lamp-post though…. I’ve seen the mess left by seagulls alone!

After the walk though it was time to head back to the Dealership so I got Loki to pose for one last photo of him with his Ford Falcon Ute “Brutus2” before we headed in there….one, two, three…..Awwwww.


Bye bye Brutus2, you’ve been a great ute for the past 11yrs but now it’s time for you to go to the dealer to eventually go to someone who has the money and time to hot you up the way you deserve.

So back we went and an hour-long story cut short, the leak was fixed, Loki talked “turkey” as they say with Peter and Gordon (the two salesmen at the dealership) got the price talked down from $6950 to $5800 with trade in, papers were signed, hands shaken, cash exchanged and Loki and I were now the proud owner of…


“Rocky”, the 1996 Holden Rodeo Diesel 4WD.   And yes I know I am not a Holden person what so ever, I would take Ford ahead of Holden any day of the week but Rocky is actually pretty awesome.  It runs well, very fuel efficient and Loki’s been after a 4WD for AGES so now he has one we can finally go camping a lot more on the weekends which is wonderful!

The next thing we know it’s near 3pm and it’s time to head on back to Horsham in Rocky, so get the addy all set in the Tomtom to get us back through Melbourne to the Westgate Bridge and back on the freeway home again via the non-tolled roads.  And it all went pretty good….for the 1st part of it anyway…it lead us back long the way we came down earlier and it was all good until it told us to take the next exit and then here came the madness again.   Instead of sending us back via Kings Way Road which was the mental road we traveled down on the way to Hastings it sent us on some other narrow crowded streets!    

It was insane there was like only millimeters in-between all the cars, we drove right along the Yarra River for a fair few kilometers, passed the Moomba Festival (so we had to watch the mad drivers as well as festival goers popping out of cars, trying to get into cars, trying to cross the road, generally being drunk and making idiots of themselves), passed the Telstra Dome where an Essendon Football Club training session had just finished up (which made Loki’s day as he is a MASSIVE Essendon fan) so once again we were watching for the mad drivers, pedestrians… I also had to remind Loki to keep his eyes on the road especially after we spotted four of the players walking towards their cars and what not.   This had the previously stressed out Loki grinning like a goon…


We finally made it out of the narrow crowded roads.  While we were at the lights waiting to get back on the highway that will FINALLY take us up and over the Westgate Bridge once more I spotted that rather unsual….sculpture I guess you could call it just sitting there on the median between the road and another street before leading to a park.  I just had to take a photo of it as my imagination ran away with me as usual and I can totally see Fairy’s, Imps, Goblins and Sprites living in and around it.

I didn’t take any photos on the way back home along the Freeway from Melb to Ballarat or along the Highway from Ballarat back to Horsham, was more interested in watching the country side go by the window, and working out all the little intricacies Rocky had.   There were a lot more stops on the way home for leg stretches as by this time we were getting pretty tired, so we were living off coffee at stops at Ballan and again at our usual stop at Ararat Caltex.


The sun was setting by the time we were only 15mins out of Horsham (around 7:45pm), the colours were once again gorgeous.    This makes a nice change though as I think of it…. I am usually taking photos of Sunrises on road trips somewhere with either Mum, Mum and Loki or like this one just Loki and me.   I am definitely planning on making a Mandala or two when I’ve finished a project or two.
Once we got home we grabbed a pizza for tea from our favourite Pizza joint called Bonnie and Clydes and vegged out for the rest of the evening before going to bed around 10:30pm… we were exhausted.

Sunday…. once we fell out of bed around 10:30am… we needed the sleep most definitely.  Loki spent the morning out “dressing” Rocky.  Putting the seatcovers that I bought him for Xmas on the front seats, putting in his RM Williams Floormats and popping the steering wheel cover on.   I have to get into my local crystal and gemstone stockist and make him up a new protection sachet for Rocky.   I could cleanse and re-use the ones from the sachet I had made for Brutus2 but it doesn’t feel right… so the gems and herbs from the sachet have been returned to the earth and the rest have been returned to the sky in the form of smoke.    I’ve got everything else ready for the new sachet here ready to go save for the new crystals I need which I can get tomorrow.

Close to 3:30pm Loki had to head off to the SES Horsham HQ Building (find out more about the Victoria State Emergency Service by following that link) as he and 3 other Volunteers were off to the Blue Ribbon Speedway for the night.  They’re there incase one or two of the speedway cars have an accident and the driver/s need assistance to get out safely.

So with the house to myself I gathered my yarn and made a start of the Baby Blanket that came in as a custom order through my Facebook business page which I am pretty sure I mentioned in this entry so I’ll save you from having to hear all the details once again. 😀  


I have made a fair few squares so far for it though… 30 sized 2 squares made and 18 out of 52 sized 4 squares made so I have a fair way to go.   I’m having fun but am getting a little worried that I may run out of the light blue needed for the sized 4’s.  Might have to put an order in for another one on payday just in case.   Better to be safe then sorry don’t you think?

Which leads us onto Monday….yesterday.  What a day, it was a lot of fun.   I had my 1st spinning lesson thanks to the awesome women at the Horsham Spinners and Weavers group.   They’ve actually signed me up to be a full member also which is great.   I did take a few “sneaky” photos while I was there but didn’t want to push my luck as I wasn’t sure if they were happy about photos being taken….


Round and round and round goes the wheel, 1st time I ever used one of these things so the ladies had me sitting there for about 5 minutes just getting used to moving the pedal from the ankle only no need to use my leg or knees.   It was tiring I had to admit but I was determined to do this as spinning was something I have wanted to try for a while and now I have my own wheel I have no excuses now.

Hee sorry about the blurry-ness of this photo my friend Tan’s 10yr old daughter took this photo on her Mothers Blackberry phone but I just had to share it, Loki over there busy watching someone using a loom and me and Tan there both on wheels getting used to keeping it spinning. 

It was a lot of fun and I am very much looking forward to my second lesson in the very near future…am hoping it’ll be tomorrow but I have been fighting a slowly increasing niggly headache all day and am praying it doesn’t become a full-blown migraine because that will just wipe me out for the next 3 or more days.

So that was my long weekend….my head is still spinning from it all and I am looking forward to a nice quiet weekend next weekend. I’ll have the house to myself once again as Loki will be away on the annual SES Training Weekend up in Halls Gap.   I’ll miss him for sure but I’ll also be running around here trying to find something to occupy my mind as well as working on the baby blanket…hmm I wonder if I can get another spinning lesson in.   Will keep you posted.

Anyway I am off…time it prepare something that resembles dinner…I’ve got some nice pieces of Kangaroo marinating in the fridge so will use them.   Thanks for stopping by and reading my rambling, it makes me smile to know someone out there takes the time to read what I have to say.    I hope all is well with you, and until next time, please take care and most of all…. HAVE FUN!!


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One Response to Long Weekend…

  1. Dear Dez,

    Wow! you had a busy weekend! But, that is the only way to get things done I think.
    The cabled creation you found at Melbourne was really amazing. I’ve never though about electric cables could look so nice in the road! Hopefully you go back one day to photograph it by night.
    The Westgate Bridge story was very sad. I hope as the time progresses people become more conscious and things like that wont happen any more.
    Congrats to you and Loki for your great nice “Rocky” hope you enjoy and go traveling very much.
    I love the colors you are using on your costumer’s blanket! and you are a fast crocheter! And you are totally right “better safe then sorry”.
    I loved the details on your spin class and I hope I had the chance to learn something like it around here, but that is much to ask for.
    For now I’ll be happy to see the progress you make in your class.


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