Spinning Amongst the Baby Blues.

All I can say at the moment is Thank Goddess It’s Friday!!    I am so tired today it’s not funny, given half the chance I would drop everything just to go curl back up in bed and snuggle on down under the doona.    Wouldn’t be a good idea though now seeing as it’s just gone 3:30pm…if I went and had a sleep now I won’t get any sleep tonight and I need to get some sleep as I have to be up really early again tomorrow morning as Loki and I are off to Melbourne this time….yes we’re still on the great Ute hunt.  

Here’s hoping this Saturday will be a bit more successful than the past few Saturdays when we headed to Bendigo and Ballarat.   Both those two were private sales through carsales.com.au for Holden Commodore Utes and unfortunately both those two (crappodore – sorry I’m not a holden fan what so ever) Utes turned out not to have a Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) and both had a lot of work needing to be done to them before a RWC could be given for them.      This time however we’re travelling to Melbourne to a Car Dealership called West Side Bay (I think don’t quote me on that being 100% correct) to look at a Holden (gag) Rodeo, 4WD Ute.   And unlike with the two private sales for the price the dealer is asking the Rodeo comes with a recent Mechanics Report and RWC so if Loki likes what he sees and if it runs well during the test drive it bye-bye Brutus II – his current Ford (yay) Falcon Ute – as a trade in and we’ll be driving home in the Rodeo.   Will let you know how it all goes Sunday sometime anyway. 😀

It’s actually a long weekend here in Victoria this weekend so even though we have a BUSY day tomorrow going to Melbourne and back (pretty much a 9 hour round trip) I’m actually looking forward to my Sunday and very much so the Monday (which I’ll get to in a moment).   By the time I decide I really MUST get out of bed Sunday morning…okay when I get sick of Master Binx laying on my chest with his nose millimeters from mine and purring as loud as he can whilst kneading me and get out of bed to feed him… Loki and I will have a little time together before he has to head off to the Blue Ribbon Speedway as part of the regular SES crew that go for safety each race meet.   

So I’ll have the house to myself.  And what to do with myself…..well I have an order for a Baby Blanket through my Facebook Business Page Phoenixphyre Dreams and I’ve just been yarn shopping with my friend Tan and got 5 different shades of blue to play with.
I’m planning on a rug made up of 5 different sized squares using the different shades.   I’ve even labeled the sizes of the squares according to the amount of rounds used to create them, e.g 2 rounds is a 2, 4 rounds a 4, 6 rounds a 6, you get the idea.   So with the playing around on some graph paper I have left over from my highschool maths days (yep scary old paper) and worked out I am going to need to make the following:
Size 2 – 30 squares in colour 1 (4 squares made so far)
Size 4 – 52 squares in colours 1 and 2
Size 6 – 20 squares in colours 1,2 and 3
Size 8 – 18 squares in colours 1,2,3 and 4
Size 10 – 2 squares in colours 1,2,3,4 and 5
I haven’t been able to get a photo of the 5 shades of blue as of yet as my camera is flat and my phone is currently on charge, so you’ll have to wait my dears till I do a project update photo.

So that’s Sunday taken care of.    Which leaves me to Monday, which I am rather excited about.   It all has to do with my most recent purchase yesterday:  


(Yeah I did play around with the snapbucket features on my phone with this photo before uploading it for here.)  Isn’t it fantastic, it’s called a Victorian Upright spinning-wheel and I bought it from a lovely person in the community called Pimpinio which is about 15 minutes drive from Horsham heading towards the South Australian Boarder.   It was her grandmothers but sadly neither she or her siblings can spin or were interested in spinning so she sold it to me pretty much for the price of fuel only as she wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it and use it instead of it sitting in a shed which is where it had been for the past 30 years.

So I was the proud owner of this gorgeous spinning wheel with out a CLUE how it worked let alone how to turn a fleece into some gorgeous handspun yarn.   So yesterday afternoon after Jenny dropped the wheel off, was spent on the phone, first to the amazing craft place I know of called The Makers Gallery as they are run by the Arts Council here in Horsham and they’re definitely the people to contact if you have any enquiries about anything crafty.  It was through there they put me in touch with an amazingly eccentric lady called Val.  Well in about 5 mins on the phone, she turned up on my door step armed with wood oil and some fleece to look my new wheel over.       Half an hour later I found out the wheel I was now the proud owner of was the Victorian Upright wheel, it was in perfect working order be it a bit stiff from the years sitting in the shed and was only missing the guide for the fleece but no to worry as she had several spare parts back at the studio and she was 100% certain one of them would fit and we’d get it working. *happy dance*   And I was signed up to be a new member of the Horsham Spinners and Weavers group! 

So with head spinning all that leads to Monday (finally), I’ll be getting Loki to drop me off at the Studio around 10:30am and then for a few hours Monday I’ll be getting my 1st spinning lesson.  I’m so excited, as through the group I will also be learning to dye fleece and hand spun yarn as well as felting and weaving my hand spun if I’m interested.   I can’t wait!   So I will let you know how that all goes.

I must head off for now and try to make some more squares now before Loki comes home and we have to head to do the fortnight’s shopping.   Hope you all have a wonderful weekend be it 2 or 3 days.

Hugs to you all
Dez and Binx

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3 Responses to Spinning Amongst the Baby Blues.

  1. Dear Dez,

    You areso right, I’m glad is Friday as well! But, I think you and your friend Loki will have fun.
    Hope everything goes better in your hunting.
    I visited your Facebook Business Page and it is cool you have one. I have to do something soon myself because here in Mexico the economy is very bad and I would like to expand my creations some places rather than just with neighbors. Right now it is only an idea but, soon It will come true. Hopefully . . .
    I’m looking forward to see the blue tones you got for your new projects.
    What a great Victorian Upright spinning-wheel you’ve got! congrats! I think you will enjoy very much your spinning classes.
    I want to see photos of everything even of that eccentric lady Val! hehe. . . it sounds very cool.
    Have a great time this weekend and looking forward to many photos of your new class.


    • Hi Adriana,

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by my Phoenixphyre Dreams Facebook page, it’s not the “finished product” so to speak as I am hoping to build up a more proffesional looking website to use. At the moment it’s used as a sounding platform to keep people updated on their orders, bounce of product ideas, let people know when and which Markets I can be found at each month and generally use as a rope/fishing line to scope out the general interest from people.
      I do also have a “shop” over on http://www.etsy.com as well. But I would fully recommend a facebook page if you are looking to attract some more people. If you do get around to makeing one please let me know, I’ll be very happy to offer my support by liking your page and adding it to my business page “like” list as well. 🙂
      My 1st spinning lesson is at 10:30am tomorrow so I’ll definetly let you know how it goes….I can see my 1st attempt is going to be utterly hilarious! 🙂 I am hoping to get at least some serious photos at the spinning class so I can share in the next blog up date along with some photos from the Trip to Melb yesterday and progress updates on the baby blanket.
      Hope you’re having a great weekend also. Keep me updated on the possible Facebook Business page!


      • Dear Dez,

        I’m sorry it took me so long to answer this comment, but I got sick and things got really out of my hands so, I had to take care of many things. I teach a weekly Photoshop class to a photography studio, than I make some photo restorations , I had 3 photos to work on this week, also I had to take some special photos of wine-bottles for one of my costumers, well, everything got out-of-hand! but you were always on my mind and now finally I’m trying to get back on track. I will love to link my Facebook page with you as soon as I get some nice changes to my Facebook page, If you don’t mind we will link them together. I really appreciate your support because I’m new at all these but, since we moved from US to Mexico about a year ago, I had to get creative with the things to get an income here. It was very depressing at the beginning I’ll tell you, but as time progresses, I’m getting people to know us better and that helps a lot. It makes the difference.
        I just wanted to write back to you and let you know that I appreciate very much your friendship and I’m thankful to know that you want to help me.



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