Motif Madness

Nothing to do with the title I know but I just had to share my teapot happiness with you all.  I’ve been wanting a teapot for the longest time so during one of my many wanderings on e-bay a few months back I came across this little guy named Chester the Cat, he instantly wound up on my watch list where he sat for months until the Saturday the 11th Feb when I finally gave into his gorgeous little face and bought him. To the surprise of Dave the Parcel Guy (yes I know the name of my regular parcel delivery guy…guess I get a lot of supplies mailed to me that we’re on 1st name basis now) I literally squealed with delight yesterday morning when Chester was delivered.
He totally adorable but there is only 1 little problem….I am back on a teapot hunt.   Chester is too cute to use on a daily basis so he’s now found a home on my dinning table and I am planning on working on creating a crochet Mandala for him to sit proudly on as soon as I work out some colours.  Until then the teapot hunt continues.

So Motif Madness…well remember me drooling over the Taradale yarn by Emotive Yarns a few posts back (here) for a crochet patchwork throw pattern, well I have finally bitten the proverbial bullet so to speak and since Monday night I have been working on creating the 64 motifs needed to make the throw.   The pattern is great and pretty reasonable to follow but believe me after making my 3rd motif I don’t have to follow the pattern anymore, it’s that easy to remember and the motifs turn out looking so pretty, especially in the Taradale yarns as they slowly change through shades as you use them.

I need to make:
13 out of the Port Wine
13 out of the Roses
13 out of the Semi Precious
13 out of the Hibiscus
12 out of the Shimmer
64 motifs in totally and then all to be edged in the Callista, joined with the Callista and then the entire throw is edged and decorated with the Callista. 

There’s 7 motifs of the 13 I have already made out of the Port Wine Taradale, isn’t the colour changes in this shade simply beautiful.   All 13 laid out on the table look amazing and I can already imagine (kind of) how the completed throw is going to look. I have already decided that this throw will decorate my 2 seater couch in my lounge room as something this pretty needs to be seen….but don’t hold me to it as I am notorious for changing my mind over and over again so will keep you up to date on what I decide to do with it as I go along.

6 squares of the 8 I have already made out of the Roses Taradale yarn… number 9 is currently partly made on my hook at the moment so only 3 more to make after number 9 is complete.  Yes I am very much enjoying this pattern at the moment and I strongly recommend all you avid crocheters out there to save your dollars, go to Emotive Yarns and get the Taradale (21 balls all up) and follow this pattern found here and make one up yourself!!

Well I’m off to finish these last few motifs so I can then do the dishes (unfortunately housework just won’t do itself no matter how much I beg it too) and start another 13 motifs in either Semi precious or Hibiscus.   Will show you another photo as I progress along this pattern.

Have fun all!!

Laters lovelies.

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