The Furniture is out to get me!!

Am seriously beginning to think that the furniture in my house is out to get me! Yesterday the dining table decided to go right ahead and stick it’s leg out so my little toe and the one next to it on my left foot would deliberalty colliade with it causing me to go hopping in a circle saying alot of expletives and Ow ow ow to make the cat blush. Those toes are alittle swollen today with a blueish bruise…

Then this afternoon the spare kitchen chair must have been swapping notes with the dining table as it had the curtisy to stick one of it’s legs out so the middle toe and the one next to that would go crunch against it causing another bruise and another lot of “Dez goes a-dancing” around the living room. Sheesh, furniture is evil, evil stuff!!

Ahh all the pretty colours!! Okay slightly enhanced a tiny bit as I uploaded that photo using my Snapbucket acount on the phone so naturally I had a play with filters, boarders etc… meh so sue me! šŸ˜€ But yes believe it or not I actually FINALLY have that long awaited Scrappy update for you!! Joy of joys!!

Loki and I had to carry it outside to the clothes line to hang it up for the photo as it has gotten too big to just be held up. Even pegged on the line and having the clothesline up at it’s highest the scrappy was still just millimeters from brushing the ground.

15 of the 21 yarn balls have been added onto it now so there’s only 6 left to add now and admittedly they’re slightly bigger themselves as I’ve been adding extra lengths of scrap to them as I finish off other projects I have nearby so the last 6 will take a reasonable bit of time to add onto the rug because of that reason. It’s all fun though, and BOY has it gotten heavy!! Loki is thinking it’s probably somewhere around 2 – 3kgs in weight at the moment so when it’s finished it’s going to a bit of a hefty bugger. Ah well, be good on the bed in winter that’s for sure.

Going to be weird when it’s finished though, been working on it on and off since around Aug 2011 so it’s practially been a constant project next to my chair so when it’s finally finished and on my bed there is going to be a bit of a space that’ll need filling….maybe with a round scrappy then to decorate a naked round coffee table! šŸ˜› We’ll have to file that away in the ‘possible’ file for later thinking.

Yep I am still on a Jag for these things!! This is my 4th set now… I’m calling this one ‘Purple Haze’. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet…maybe save it and see if it sells at the markets with a few others if it doesn’t get gifted 1st. We’ll see. šŸ™‚
Well that’s about it from me for now, I’m going to try to enjoy what’s left of my Sunday afternoon giving Binx a brush to avoid him getting all knotted up which last year resulted in him getting a rather unflattering ‘bikini’ shave which cracked Loki up to no end!! Hmmm he hates being brushed, he gets the hissy-fits happening like no mans business, I think I need to invest in some chainmaile gloves….ah well gotta be done.

Laters lovelies!!

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