Heart Farting and Chocolate Overload.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! 

Hope yours is been a bit more eventful than mine has been so far but admittedly it is 3:36pm and the other half has been at work since 8am so naturally anything V-Day related is not going to happen until afterwards.  

However I am indulging in a bit of yarny love today thanks to my usual parcel guy delivering some much awaited for skeins I ordered last Thursday from Emotive Yarns.

Hmm aren’t those colours blissful looking.  They’re the amazing Taradale yarn that can be purchased online Here. It’s so gorgeous as soft…. I can’t help but stroke it when I open my stash drawer.  Before you panic though I didn’t buy all that in one hit. I have been slowly gathering that collection slowly over several months so I can complete a pattern I have had saved to my computer since April 2011.  You can check out that pattern also on the Emotive yarns site and download the pattern for free here: The Patchwork Throw I have also seen a completed one of these over on Ravelry just recently and I am even more excited to get hooking it.  If you happen to be on Ravelry check out juliep55’s completed Patchwork Throw in her projects by clicking this linkie.

The Taradale colours I have chosen to use for my blanket are as follows:
BACK ROW (L to R) –  3 balls of  Shimmer, 3 balls of Rose, 3 balls of Port Wine.
FRONT ROW (L to R) – 3 balls of Callista, 3 balls of Hibiscus, 3 balls of Semi Precious and 3 more balls of Callista.   Callista is the main colour of the blanket.

Yes okay I admit I did get other wool then the remaining 3 balls of shimmer I needed for the throw. I couldn’t help myself  there was a 50% sale off all yarns in the Hot Deals section and I was in yarn-love with this…so before I knew it 4 balls of Fireplace and 4 of Wild Iris was in my shopping cart and off I went.  Now to stash it away for just the right project to use it on.  It resembles a 4ply which is perfect for my Boho hats but this yarn is alittle too “fibery” if you know what I mean to make a Boho hat out of….not to worry I know I’ll just find the perfect thing for it soon enough.

Okay time to show off a photo of another FO. 

This I have to admit is my 3rd set of these Grandala Prayer Flags the 1st set I showed of in my last post, I have gotten on such a jag for doing these…they’re so easy and a lot of fun I can just sit and do them in my chair in front of the telly in the evening.  So relaxing.

My 1st and 2nd set have already found homes with friends who I surprise gifted them with to brighten their day as both of them have had a bad day or two recently so I thought a little bit of yarny-gandala-spinney goodness should brighten their day up.   Will have to get a photo of the 2nd set though as I forgot to get one before I gifted it.  This 3rd set I am just in love with (yes I know I say that about ALL my crochet pieces) but it is now hanging in my lounge room bringing a little bit of colourful brightness into it….Loki hasn’t noticed yet so i am wondering if I can get away with another set on the other side before he twigs…. *grins* I’ll let you know how it all goes.

Well that’s enough for me for now, I am going to try and make a quick chocolate cake before Loki comes home for Valentines Day so until next time take care, have fun and remember Valentines Days is not JUST for couples, you can celebrate it by spoiling yourself or a good friend….in my eyes Valentines Day is about Love in general so share some love around and here’s hoping it comes back to you ten fold.

Love and blessings to you all
Dez & Binx

 Speaking of Binx here he is as usual, being my Internet “monitor” making sure I am ONLY viewing Binxington Approved websites….mind you this photo here was taken when I was giggling at Alice explaining how Raymond can work a party better then she or her partner KB can including getting spicy Chicken pieces off of other guests.  So here’s a shout out to the awesomeness that is Alice and Raymond over at the word press blog Crochet with Raymond.   You rock.

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  1. thats nice, I am glad that Raymond has a furry follower¬!

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