Sun A-Rise

Evening everyone!!

Aren’t those colours simply GORGEOUS!!   Looking at them I sit here and wonder if I can get my hands on some yarny goodness in those colours, colours of very pale yellow, strong yellow, pale oranges, peaches and maybe a grey-ish colour.

I am so tired at the moment, I didn’t sleep very well last night and of course because I had to get up SUPER early this morning to go to Bendigo with Mum and Loki I kept “clock watching”, which drives me insane… I swear I saw 3am, 3:15, 3:35, 4:10, 4:15, 4:38….by the time my clock read 4:48am I gave up and got up and had a shower as the alarm would have gone off in another 12 minutes anyway.

The trip down to Bendigo was not too bad in the cool of the early hours of the morning, Mum arrived in Horsham just after 6am and we were well on our way towards Bendigo when the sun started peeking itself up over the horizon around 6:50am.   You can’t help but feel a smile on your face when you see something like that shedding it’s light over the Australian countryside.

The whole reason for going on the trip anyway was so Loki could take a look at a Ute he was thinking about buying in the Bendigo suburbs of Ravenwood.  We arrived just a few minutes after 9am which is was pretty much bang on the time we told the guy we’d try to be there (yay for TomTom GPS with Daffy Duck voice…had us in the right direction in no time and in histerics when we over shot a turn or took one too soon).  Mum and I left Loki at the guys place so they could do the “Man Thing” and look over the ute, take it for a test drive and too a Mechanic to check it out. Loki said he’d ring us later once they were done to let us know if we had to come back and get him..or if it all went well, where he was to drive and meet us, then we were off into the main city to find our way to a wonderous place some of the lovely people of Crochet Lovers Victoria (a brilliant group on Ravelry) have mentioned previous times called The Bendigo Woollen Mills.

If you ignore the very insocialble sales lady that was maning the store this morning, I was drowning in yarn glory in the Factory Store!!  So many colours and all in 200 gram balls, all 100% Australian wool, as well as balls of Alpaca, Cottons and Mohair… you could even score a bargin with not quiet 200gram balls as well for 50% of the price.   Needless to say I maybe have blown my budget there but it was so worth it, it’s not easy to get 200gram balls of 100% wool in Horsham in so many brilliant colours, so I took advantage of it.

Having survived the yarn overload (and with purse significantly lighter) Mum and I were just about to head into the City Center to wander around the Plaza for a bit more retail therapy, when I spotted this van and HAD to get a photo of it’s back window…pure classic, had to share.
Loki ended up calling just as we pulled into the Plaza carpark asking us to come get him…turns out the ute wasn’t as good as the guy had made out in the add, needing a bit more work.   At last thought the guy is going to get everything fixed up and then give Loki a call…Loki said he’d think about it but on the way home as we were talking to Mum it looks like the safer option is to keep searching for another option.

Ah well it was a fun little road trip anyway and it wasn’t a waste of a day for me anyway with new yarn to play with.  I am going to have A LOT of fun with these…

Oooh…now to safely stash them away until I can think of the most perfect project to use them on.  Look out Ravelry, here I come to trawl through your thousands of patterns to find something fun to turn my hook to.

Last but not least I am going to leave you with a photo of my latest finished project….it’s a pattern I got from the glorious Blogger Alice and her brilliant Blogg Crochet with Raymond which I fully recomend you check out for her amazingness.   Anyway it’s her Grandala Prayer Flag pattern I used which can be found on the sidebar of her blog and I am quiet pleased with myself to see that I got it right (after a minor tantrum, frogging and do over)…so here I am showing it off before I sign off for the night:

THANK YOU ALICE!!!  Many hugs to you and your gorgeous kitty Raymond.

Night all, thanks for reading.

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