Brain Drain

Morning all!

Oh phew it is still actually morning, I had to actually check the clock there for some reason I had gotten ahead of myself and thought it was nearly midday.

I’m taking a bit of a break from the Scrappy at the moment and I know I owe you all a photo update but I have taken to call it a Mammoth as it’s just getting huge now and I still have about 6 and a half balls of yarn the scrappy yarn to attatch to it.   I am hoping I can either get my Mum and Loki or at least Loki and my neighbour TK to give me a hand to hold it out and take a photo of it now.  So keep an eye out for the next post for the promised photo update.

I hvae to admit I have been insipired to take a break from Scrappy to try out this awsome prayer flag pattern I found whislt reading a new blog I discovered a few days ago.  I found another pattern on ravelry by her and it linked me to the blog it came from called Crochet with Raymond and I have to admit the way Alice writes just had me hooked that I just had to go back to her very 1st post and “catch up” on the entries.

So to prevent the Dez Babbles kicking in we’ll move right along, I have saved a few of her awsome patterns to my computer because I am dying to try out, and Wednesday I had to stop in at Spotlight to pick up some more 8ply yarn (yeah because my stash isn’t big enough already cried Loki), and got some different shades of yarn to try her pattern for Mandala Prayer Flags (click that link and get whisked off to another window to get inspired yourself).   So keep an eye out for photo updates on them, I actually hope to have something to show you next post…just pray I can get the pattern right without to many tantrums.

Speaking of no Tantrums…Ta dah!!  I have FINALLY managed to graduate past the (beloved) Granny Square and the Catherine Wheel squares for my Ravelry monthly 8 inch square swaps!!

Yes I know I really must work on some more “decent” photo taking positions that don’t involve the laptop as offical square holder. But until then enjoy try your best to ignore the facebook blankness in the background.   This square is the one I am most happy about, it’s called the Arches Square and once again you can get the ravelry pattern for it HERE.

And last but not least the 678 Square pattern which is also from Ravelry and can be found HERE. I recomend these sqaure to beginners though as yes okay I have only been crocheting since Feb 2011 after the whole broken foot saga and the patterns are both nicely written for it to be easily understood so give it a go.

Anyway I have to cut this short now as my Mum is due here any second now for our weekly coffee catch up and to work out the finer details of the road trip to Bendigo tomorrow.  I’ll fill you in on all that later.

Have a great Friday all.

*HUGS* from Binx and myself.

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