Scrappy progress update…

Have finally gotten a chance to get a much more recent photo of my current WiP (Work in Progress) for you since last entry.

I have worked out that after the last photo, 18 more rounds have been added to the project all up and 3 out of the 21 yarn balls are included in those 18 rounds.   It’s comming together rather nicely even if I do say so myself and I am averaging 1 yarn ball per day so I have about 17 more days to go before I can yet again get another photo of it once all the yarn balls have been added.     Well that’s the plan it’ll take 17 days and no distractions pop up to stop me from completing a yarn ball.   Ahh well that’s the joys of life is it not, wish me luck and I’ll just keep on hooking! πŸ˜€

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