End of the Old, beginning of the New

Next time I have a brilliant idea at 3am in the morning will someone PLEASE stop me.    I couldn’t sleep the night before as my brain decided it didn’t want to turn itself off so it was then I came up with the idea to unravel the “MS” and work it into something new.

The MS? I hear you ask…let me explain.    Back in 2004 a friend and at the time housemate taught me how to cast on and do a basic knitting stitch and some scrap yarn to practice it on…so the knitted roll began, it was only a few months later another housemate dared me to see if I can make it as long as our three bedroom house and being stubborn little me I accepted.   

Long story short – in the years between 2004 and 2010 Knitted Roll turned into Massive Scarf (MS) as I worked on it on and off… it ended up stretching the entire length of my three bedroom house and back..twice so I definetly completed that dare twice over by 2009 and earned the term Massive Scarf as it wrapped around me and the other half together from head to toe 3 times…and we are not short people!  A visiting friend had a great time wrapping us up in it at the time, just bummed we forgot to get a photo of that little gigle fest. 
And the best bit was as I kept it all rolled up it looked big, but no one relised how long it was until it was unrolled to show them.

MS formerly Knitted Roll as it was in the morning of the 16th Jan 2012.
Middle section in the light purple was started Aug 2004, Rainbow yarn on the outside completed and cast off in around July 2009.

Anyway after two years of sitting (lurking) on a shelf in the guest room of my home and at 3am in the morning I had decided it was time the MS was “delt with”, as it wasn’t doing anything just sitting on the shelf like a lump…. no matter how I folded it in on itself it just wouldn’t form a nice blanket shape and I had also discovered a few small holes forming in it thanks to a random bug or two.

So yesterday the beginning of the end started….I got myself comfortable, found the tail end of the yarn and untied the knots created (not as well as I thought) and began to let it unravel and re-rolled it into yarn balls…

By 3pm I had gotten this far:

And then very slowly (and after chasing run-away yarn balls all over the loungeroom floor) before I knew it, it was somewhere around 10pm at night and my MS which I was still kind of somewhat attached to I must admit was reduced to this pile:

A pile of similar sized balls of ‘scrappy’ yarn…21 in total!   A little depressing I have to admit, all those years to form a large roll that was dubbed MS, reduced to these 21 seemingly small un-impressive balls.  Well they do fill a cloth shopping bag so there is alot there if I think about it but I’m sure you get what I mean.

So that’s the end of the MS….hoping I get a chance to sometime today to start adding the balls to my current work in progress known as my “Scrappy”:


Okay this photo is alittle old now as I have worked on it since this photo was taken but it’s the only one I have at the moment so you can get the idea of how it looks so far.   I promise to take a photo of Scrappy once all 21 of the MS balls have been added to it.   Might take me a while….wish me luck. šŸ˜€

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