Where did October go?

Wow, somehow a whole month slipped by in a blink of an eye.  Scarey how that happens, mind you I have been so busy and also unwell at the same time for most of October I didn’t get much time to get online let alone post anything anywhere other then a hello over on Ravelry or a status update here and there on Facebook.

Halloween Swap update:   It’s done and dusted and my suprise swap buddie loved the items I posted to her!  I could cartwheel if I knew how, I had so much swap-anxiety it wasn’t funny especially when the tracking number (no I wasn’t really stalking it honest) said it was sitting at the post office waiting for her for 3 days!
I was also spoilt when my Halloween Swap Parcel arrived in the mail from my suprise swap partner CelesteM.   Gorgeous coloured yarn, cute little stitch markers, little pumpkin pot of slime which has suprisingly provided the MOTH and myself several hours child like fun with the cold goo rolling over the hands, a pair of fingerless mits she knitted herself (loving the colours) and some great Halloween candy.   Check out the photos:

All Wrapped Up…

The gorgeous coloured yarn and one of the Halloween Candies…

The cute little stitch markers…

Funky fingerless mits…

And the pumpkin slime pot and other Halloween Candles.

 Hee I feel so spoilt. I can’t wait to find a great pattern to use the yarn on now. I’ve already signed up for the Xmas Cheer one now so I can’t wait to find the yarn for my swap buddie and send it off when the time comes and to see who got me and what they sent me.  

Grins Swaps are so much fun. 😀

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