Pain = Completed Project!!

What a disasterous day yesterday turned out to be…well most of it was…

Yesterday afternoon the MOTH and I were in kmart plaza and went into EBGames so he could put some $$ on the new Batman PS3 game coming out soon.
Still not quiet sure what happened but I was wandering over to look at the dsi games and next thing I know I was flat on the floor. Just felt dizzy and colapsed in the store taking out a display shelf with me, and apparently it took alittle while before I slowly sat back up again, all be it shaking like a leaf.

I ripped the nail back in my finger, hurt my knees and have got lumps on my arms and right ankle oh and a quiet impressively large and very purple bruise on my left upper arm. Scared the hell outta the MOTH, I am ok though, the Doctor cleared me, putting the fainting spell down to the lack of sleep over the past three nights.  I’m more embarrassed than anything and probably won’t step back in that store for at least 6 months.     

At least one good thing came out of it though, in the hours I was sitting in my chair at home, too sore to move around thanks to my knees and right ankel I did complete the Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf I had started to work on… and it turned out looking great even if I do say so myself:

The “Sunburst” Scarf

Am that impressed by it I am already starting another one only this time using the left over skein and a bit of the Moda Vera Issabella from the red-mix rug I am piecing together.

As much as I love the way it turned out the orange really isn’t my colour so may have to add it to my stuff to take to my table at the Haven Markets on the 1st saturday in November and if it doesn’t sell there to the Horsham Craft Markets in December.  Hee I love the markets.

Must toodle off for now, somehow it’s already gotten to 12:12pm here so must find something to nibble for lunch.  I think there is some left over chicken from last night in the fridge so a no-brainer lunch is always a good thing when one is as sore as I am feeling right now.


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