Any success is worth Celebrating

It took me at least 4 unravels, alot of swearing and frustration and self thinking that I was never going to get it when it actually clicked in.    What on earth am I going on about?  Well let me rewind about 2 hours and explain.

I was pasing some time hanging out on Ravelry as I finished making the 6 red squares out of the Moda Vera Medely for the red blanket/throw I’m working on (it’s like the green one I made earlier this month) and seeing as I have to hit spotlight later to get a few balls of one last different red yarn I found myself in between projects.  So I was sneaking a peak at some of the projects that a few other people have made that are in the same ravelry group I am in.     One person’s Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf project (here) really caught my eye, thejohnstons (username only of course) use of the bright rainbow colours looked fantastic and as I looked into it a bit more I found my way to where the pattern was kept and thought….what the hell, I’ll give it ago myself!

So after copying out the pattern from here into my notebook so I could follow it while the MOTH monopolised the laptop again, I fished through my yarn stash and pulled out one of my many balls of Moda Vera Cardellino (dye lot: 101096) and once tea was over I sat back with my 6mm hook and gave it ago.

4 unravels later I twigged that I was attempting to link into the wrong loops which was messing it all up, slip stiched into the correct loop and BANG, it all fell into place and I was off….as well as feeling like a bit of a drongo to begin with mind you, I mean geebuz, the pattern is clearly written and understandable but I was just not getting it until I cloesed my eyes for a few moments in a huff and then *click* I got it!  Yay!  

So after finally figguring it out I’ve got a new WIP (work in progress), here’s a photo of what I’ve done so far and as always I will keep you updated on it’s progress. 

I’m already planning on making a few more with thinner lighter yarns to possibly sell on etsy and at the markets in November!  šŸ™‚

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