Land of the living….

Usually I love love love fridays as they’re a doorway to the weekend and I get to spend time with the MOTH who’s of (now) driving the steel truck for his job after offically passing his Heavy Vechile License yesterday afternoon.    But today sucked all because of my damn head.     I woke up because I had an early morning appointment but felt like crap, cleared up for a bit enough for me to make it through the appointment, put my car through the carwash (love that thing, don’t ask me why I just do), grab an OJ and meet up with a friend at Spotlight.

Hee Spotlight got 6 balls of Moda Vera Isabella in red and 6 balls of Moda Vera Manor in the red so I can make the squares out of the for the rug I am working on at the moment, as well as some gorgeous (but to girly girly for me) glittery heart shaped buttons to go in my Halloween swap parcel for my Partner as I read she collects buttons and likes girly-girl kinda stuff.

But after that I made it home, chilled out for a bit and my head started kicking in unfrotunalty, made up through lunch but not long after MOTH headed back to work the head got too bad and it was a case of having to pop my strong mirgrane tablets, curl up in bed in my nice dark bedroom and die from the world for a few hours.

I only got up alittle under an hour ago and thankfully the headache seems to be gone so maybe I can salvage my evening.  I’ve just got to go down the street with MOTH to grab a tastey treat and some small Halloween bibs and bobs to complete my parcel, get some lemonade and grab MOTH a 6pack of Bundy Red for him as we’re going to a Spring Equinox bonfire next door.   I love celebrating the Sabbats and Esabats so am hoping I’ll be great for tonight. Just might give the wine a miss tonight and stick with the lemonade.

Well why I stil have some light I better go make some Spring Eqinox Chaplettes for the bonfire with flowers that have seem to exploded in my back yard right now.  


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