Round and round and round…

With all the rounds I’ve been doing making these red granny squares for the blanket I am making myself I am suprised I am not dizzy!! Don’t mind though, currently working with the Moda Vera Shiver in the red and it’s just so soft and bright. Makes me smile.

Anyway have come here to keep a promise.  The MOTH finished his knitting on the round needles last night and pressented me with a (very well done even if I am bias) gorgeous blue neck-warmer/cowl. See photos:

I was that impressed with the gift he made for me I shared these photos over in the ravelry group I’m with and they said that he’d done a great job for a beginner.  Hee I’m so proud of him! šŸ˜€

Doubly excited today as well, was given my partner for the Halloween swap I signed up for yesterday so have spent the most part of the morning somewhat “stalking” her via her ravelry profile and her blog as well as virtually studying her filled in APQ (all purpose questionare) to make sure I can put together the best tailormade Halloween swap parcel for her as best I can.   I may be channeling the MOTH’s perfectionist Virgo side here but I want to get this right as this is my 1st swap ever and I don’t wanna stuff it up but doing something wrong.   I jsut hope the mod hasn’t gotten sick of all my 20 million questions reguarding the how-to and the questions I want her to ask my swap partner for me.  Oh yeah I can’t directly ask my swap partner as it’s like a Kris-Kringle type delio…you don’t know your partner until the parcel rocks up.  Now I am not sure if the person I have has me or if they have another person and another person has me.  Yep I’m confused also but all I can say is I’m going to have alot of fun finding out and as long as I get my parcel to them and theirs to me by the 31st Oct 2011…it’s all going to be good!!! šŸ˜€

Anyway as a result of all my mini stalking I am pretty sure about the items I’m going to put in the parcel for my person.  I just have to order the yarn from the website I like to get special yarn from on Thursday (love payday too bad bills steal most of it.) that should take at least an hour.   Why so long?  Well I know what type of yarn I want to get for her but I am torn between two different colour lots.  One is pinks to a soft red colour the other is greens.   She says she loves greens but she also says she loves “girly” stuff so it may come down to a case of eeney-meeney-miney-mo.   Friday will be a mad dash to Spotlight or Trevs for my Halloween inspired “suprise” as well as some orange and black yarn for my hand made item I want to make.   Still not sure about what that is yet…. am tossing around the ideas of a pair of wrist-warmers or a mug cozi or a 4 granny-square cushion cover. Oh then there is my 1 non-crochet item idea is a bracelette made from little blue wooden beads and dangly trinkets.  Hmmm I’ll think of something. You watch!!

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