Batton Down the Hatches!

So apparently it’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day” so the title was to pay homage to that in someway as well as describe the weather we’re having here at the moment.  It’s UNREAL, was warm and sunny most of the morning and then around 1:30pm it was still warm but the sky took on an orangey colour and the wind picked up something fierce and hasn’t stopped blowing a gale out there!!   I am half tempted to go check out in the back yard to make sure the Dog hasn’t been blown away!

The MOTH (Man Of The House) hasn’t come home yet, he had to go straight from work through the the SES HQ as apparently his pager has been going off non-stop with calls so he’s going to be extra tired when he eventually drags himself through the door.  I bet he won’t be too tired to monopolise the lap-top and look at the knitting patterns I have found for him to try…. and work on the knitted neck-warmer (I still stand that it’s a cowl) pattern I gave him that was on the back of the Moda Vera Shiver yarn band.

Speaking of yarn, I did a bit of a happy dance this morning.  I wound up at Spotlight again the moment it opened as I wanted to get some more Moda Vera Passion in Burgundy and Moda Vera Shiver in the Red for the rug I have started working on, and not having much sleep I was up early anyway so. I’m bopping around getting the yarn I needed and worked it out by the tags there that all up it was going to cost me $33 for the 6 balls.   Yeah I expected that, hence me being there but believe me when I told you I almost backflipped outta the store in happiness when the entire purchase cost me only $14.40!!   WOOT!! I love in store discounts.  SO happy!    So what do I go and do with my savings?  Get on and order 3 balls of a really nice wool called Moonglow.  *slaps forehead*  I never learn.

Looking forward to taking part in my 1st every group swap as well, I get my swap partner later this evening and as it’s a Halloween theme I am even more excited.  I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! It’s so much fun.  I also adore Samhain (but will get into that another time I am sure).   
The following needs to go in the swap parcel for my partner:
1. At least one serve of yarn or fibre
2. At least one handmade item
3. An Edible Treat
4. And a Surprise šŸ˜‰
Budget is $25-$30.

And in turn I get something back from them for each of those qualities… going to be alot of fun and as soon as I know who I have I will do something of a mini-stalk of their Ravelry profile and their Blog (if they have one) to try and get to know their likes as much as possible so I can make their package as tailored to them as possible.    Hee I am all excited, this is the 1st swap I have ever done so I hope I get it right and don’t stuff anything up.

And the MOTH has crawled through the door the poor wind swept fella so am off to cook something yum for tonight dinner.

*wanders off towards the kitchen with Halloween ideas floating through my mind*

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