Lazy Sunday

Thanks to the internet not wanting to connect for me at ALL today until around 8pm I had a lazy net free day, which was actually pretty nice considering  I didn’t fall out of bed until after midday today.    No I wasn’t out partying all night (nice wish), I was infact up until 3am finishing off the mixed green throw-rug/blanket I have been crocheting for the past few months.

It took about 2 hours to sew together the rows in the correct pattern with the left over Moda Vera Harmony yarn and my yarn needle, and then once all that was done (and a quick celebratory happy dance) I edged it with the awsome bright green Moda Vera Wisp which stood out clearly but complimented the other six different greens that made up the 36 granny squares used in the rug.   Anyway here’s the photo of the finished product as promised, it was taken at around 2pm just before it was folded up and given to my Mum who was the person the rug was made for. 

Tah Dah!!  Yes I am feeling rather proud of myself!  After months and months of having the squares slowly building up in the drawer as they were being made when I came across the “right type” of green yarn for it, it’s finally completed.   Now I have an empty drawer in my Crochet tower….well it WAS empty.   
It stayed empty for about 3 hours.   It now holds 6 squares made from Moda Vera Tracey in red….

…don’t they look great?  They’re also joined by a ball of Moda Vera Passion in Burgundy and I am hoping to get at least another 2 balls of it.  Yes you guessed it, I am starting the maddness all over again only this time I am seeing Red instead of Green.     It’s a case of me telling my good friend Molly that “I am never, ever buy another lot of the Moda Vera Tracey ever again after the knots I got myself into last time”, and yeah that didn’t last very long.  I think it was only 2 days later I was buying up another 3 skeins of it in Pink.    Yep I am glutton for punishment.

Other then that things here like I said have been pretty lazy, working on yarn related projects and watching the other half working rather skillfully with the set of round knitting needles and the yarn we got him yesterday.   He’s following a pattern that was on the back of the band that went around a ball of Moda Vera Shiver yarn that I had gotten for the green rug.   It’s a patter for a knitted neck warmer and he’s actually doing really well!  Better then I can do with knitting needles.  I only know 1 stich when it comes to needles so I am very impressed with his tallents.

He’s a Happy Knitter!!

Will definalty have to get a photo of the finished product, but it’s looking so good now.

Anyway, I think I have babbled enough, I have to go try this sleep thing again as I need to be up early in the morning to meet Mum down at Spotlight (*sqweels*) for crafty supply prices, mainly to find out if it’ll be cheaper for me to get the stuff and make 3 dreamcatchers for her or if it’ll be cheaper to buy the pre-made ones from Gypsy Willow.   Either way I’ll get to drool over the wool again!

Night everyone!

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