Spotlight = Place to go Broke In!

Yep that plan was blown right out of the water!   Left home about 3 hours ago JUST to get the boring grocery shopping out of the way.   Sure sounds simple enough, too bad it didn’t turn out that way, we ended up driving the back way as there was a hold up on the usual road we take, apparently the council thought today was the perfect day to re-paint the lines on the road,      Anyway we end up driving toward Spotlight and the Hubby goes “can’t hurt to take a look”.     I should have said “nah we better get the groceries done”but instead my mouth opens and all I hear is, “oh yeah!!”

An hour later after discovering Spotlight had a HUGE 40% sale across most of everything in their store and playing with all the awsome Halloween costumes and decorations (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween) and writing a mental Xmas craft wish list from seeing all their Xmas supplies being put out we somehow make it out of Spotlight alive with a nice ball of Bright green WISP yarn and a Bright red SHIVER yarn for myself and a basic knitting kit (3 balls of wool, needles, instruction book), 2 balls of CARDELLINO yarn and  a set of round knitting needles all for the Hubby who has decided he likes to knit and is having some fun.  He’s been practing the knit 2, pearl 2 on some el-cheepo wool from the $2 shop this past week so now he can have a shot at making something with the nice wool. 😀

The WISP is going to be used as the edging on the current ‘wip’ I think I mentioned before.  That’s almost complete now, the squares have been sewen into rows now, I did that at the ungodly hour of 1am last night while watching Spartacus: Gods of the Arena on DVD, all that needs to be done is now sew the rows together and then edge it with the WISP and it’s done.   After months of sitting in pieces slowly being done in my draw I might be able to send it home with Mum tomorrow!  WAHOO!

Photo showing 4 of the 6 rows folded out to show pattern in the mixed green rug.

Yay the photo thing is working for me today! :D So with any luck it’ll keep working for me so I can show of a photo of the completed rug tomorrow.

Will get back to it in a little while, as soon as I cool down it’s so humid here at the moment.  Temp says it’s currently 28 at the moment but because it’s cloudy the humidity is lingering and making things worse so the last thing I need on my lap at the moment is a rug.   Might turn the system on and get the fans going, if you hear an almighty scream that’ll just be me as the spiders that have been hiding up there over autumn and winter get blown out the vents!

Laters!! *waves*

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One Response to Spotlight = Place to go Broke In!

  1. Haha! That totally sounds like you but totally awesome that they're having a 40% off sale! Awesome there! And haha, more yarn!And loving the colours of the blanket! 🙂 Great shades of green! :)How did it go, with the spiders? I didn't hear a scream from all the way up here, but that'd have to be a mighty scream to be heard all the way up here. It's starting to feel more Fall like here, and cooler (finally! It's been too hot for too long!) I hope that the humidity lets up for you soon though!

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