I have no idea how I talked myself into this. How I let myself be inspired to start a blog after watching the movie “Julie & Julia” on DVD and then the following night a program on TV called “Women who Blog”, I have no idea what I should be putting in here.     Do I treat this like one of the many journals I have kept since I was given my 1st one on my 13th birthday and write down everything that is floating through my mind at the time… or do I need to target an audience?      Ha what audience?  This is the 1st ever post so I am the only one who knows this thing even exsists…. so I guess for now I’ll just write it for me and see where it goes and who ends up discovering it and Goddess knows for some reason follows it.

I guess the only thing I have to go on about lately is my latest finished Crocheting Project and the one that is so close to being finished now I am quiet happily doing back flips at the thought of it.   My latest finished project is something I am VERY proud of.   I finished my 1st ever Crocheted over-top and some what wrote the pattern for it.   I say some what as all I did was write down the stitches I used in a note book I have beside me as I went along so I could remember how to do it later on down  the lines.

I will have to post a photo of it here as soon as I can get the “Add Photo” thingy working for me but as usual being stuck using a dial-up internet connection it’s just not wanting to come to the party for me.  So until I can get it working here you can see a photo of it in my Projects section here: Crochet Over-top on Ravel.com or over at facebook at the page I run which you can find here: Phoenixphyre Dreams on Facebook hopefully by my next entry the photo thingy will work for me.  Oooh look at me already planning a second entry, don’t I feel a bit spesh! 😀

Now that that is complete and thanks to Mum who stopped in for a visit today I can actually finish another project that has been sitting in pieces in a draw beside my chair.  I’ve got this little tower of 5 drawers on wheels beside my chair and each drawer is filled with (mainly) Crochet and Knitting related stuff,  and since around May this year the 3rd drawer has been slowly been stuffed full 1st of many, many balls of yarn, all Moda Vera brand and in 6 different lots of green as I had planned on making a throw rug/blanket for Mum so she has something to snuggle up in with her cat Salem as she watches TV at night on her days off.  It has been taking me so long to create it though as to find the right greens to suit her loungeroom wasn’t as easy as I thought and then making sure I had enough balls of it from the local Spotlight store was also fun.   In one case I had bought at least 3 balls too many in Moda Vera Harmony green and then in other cases it was 1 or 2 balls short and to try and get those extra balls could be likened to pulling teeth without anesthetic.   Because I live in Rural Victoria, our Spotlight store I guess has been deemed “not that important” so we always get odd numbers of anything and usually not enough.

On many occasion I had to put a call in to a very good friend in the next biggest town two and a half hours away to find the missing balls I needed and posting them up to me and one occasion having to order a ball directly from Spotlight.com.au itself  as even Ballarat was out!  ANYWAY…. the last ball needed was delievered by my lovely Mum today on her way to work so I can now complete the final crocheted granny square in the last green and then using one of the many left over untouched balls of Harmony, sew the squares together and start forming the blanket together.  Can’t wait, and will definalty be posting a completed project photo of it on here (if I can get the blooming thing to work for me) and definalty on ravelry.com so i guess all that I can say for now is….Stay tuned!

*waves*  Laters!

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